Rupindersingh vs Kisna Jewellery
Rajasthan  India
Occurred: 2017-04-05; Posted: 2017-05-21

Cheated by Kisna Jeweller
I have recently travelled to India for an India Tour through Pakriti calling. The travel was well organized but I had few issues regarding Shopping. We were Traveling with a Group. The Tour guide took us to a Jewellery shop in Jaipur named Kisna jeweler. Most of the persons in our Group did not wanted to shop for the jewellery but the guide forced us a stopover at the Shop. When we asked him the cause, than he said that the company Pakriti had asked him to stop there for Shopping. When we entered the shop, the salesman showed us the jewellery collection and I liked one of the Ring with a Sapphire. The rate quoted for the ring was 950 Pound. But after negotiating, I bought it for 460 Pound. I was very happy that I got the ring on a huge discount of nearly 50%. But it seems I was wrong. When I came back to London, My friends advised me to Re-value the ring. I went to the Gems Laboratory and showed the ring to them. I was frightened to hear that the value of the ring was not more than 95 Pound and the sapphire was not original but it was synthetically treated sapphire. I am very much irritated and feeling like I have been conned and cheated. This has happened to me and I am not sure, how many people have been cheated and suffered from this kind of activities by Kisna Jewelers.
May I request to everyone who is on this Travel forum to advise me on what should I do. I would request everybody who is travelling with Pakriti not to shop anything from this shop because they do cheat the people and sell artificial products or the products with a very low quality. They are heavily money minded.

I don’t understand that why Pakriti prefers to make a stopover to this kind of cheat shop. One of my friends told me that they do get money from the shop when someone buys any stuff from this kind of shop. It is a kind of Racket in which Pakriti and Kisna jewelers are involved and both of them cheat the innocent travelers like us.

Fraudulent Representation
Marketing Lies
Hurt Emotionally

MESSAGE FROM Kisna Jewellery
I tried calling kisna jeweller but their number is switched off.

ADVICE FROM Rupindersingh
Please stay away from this Shop called Kisna Jewelrs. I advice people when some guider or tour service person advised you to stop at the shopping place. Never buy some kind of clothes, jewelers or any other valuable stuff from there. I am feeling cheated so i am advising you never ever buy anything from them. After buying anything, you will feel what I am feeling. This is a request to everybody who is travelling with Pakriti not to shop anything from this shop because they do cheat the people and sell artificial products or the products with a very low quality. They are heavily money minded.

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Rupindersingh vs Godaddy
Jammu/Kashmir  India
Occurred: 2017-02-04; Posted: 2017-05-21

Cheated by Godaddy
Last Year we have taken services for 5 years by paying Rs. 5940/-. Since last so many months we are facing the problem on our website that is getting hacked by some or the other way.

We have tried to call Go daddy center, for resolving this issue however they are unable to do so by providing different reasons in one of the conversation we had been asked to purchase SSL certificate for resolving this issue on permanent bases. On good faith we had accepted this resolution & had purchased this necessary certificate by paying Rs. 3500

However this solution didn't work & we had been forced to call center that hacking problem is still exist. At that time we were happy that we had been refunded the paid amount by cancelling the necessary certificate, however we were fed up of not getting the permanent solution of hacking.

On 8th April, 2017 we had been approached by Mr. Singla with one of the resolution stating that we are eagerly to help you for permanent solution, as per him he had suggested us to pay the charges of 1 year that Rs. 1300 approx, for discontinue of our services & we will refund your complete amount of rs. 5940/- in your bank account, which was paid for starting of hosting services. On good faith they we have accepted the resolution.

He has confirmed that he cannot cancel the partial invoice otherwise refund amount will be credited into my wallet. Hence we have rejected the option of partial invoice an as agreed to pay necessary amount of Rs. 1300 approx for necessary usage done since April 17. Another point which he had confirmed the over the call that you need to withdraw the database before cancelling the hosting services. Again on your good faith we have accepted the said option why withdrawing our all database date 9th April, 2017.

As instructed by Mr. Singla on 8th April we have fulfilled all necessary procedure / accepted necessary instruction that is we need to call back to pay Rs. 1300 post withdrawing our database.

To my surprise it was a hell experience when i had call with Mr. Singla today morning to pay Rs. 1300 approx for cancelling services. Now today he is confirming that he cannot fulfill his promised / commitment.

Breach of Contract
Fraudulent Representation
Financial Losses

No response

ADVICE FROM Rupindersingh
Never trust on Godaddy

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