aarti vs Paytm
Madhya Pradesh  India
Occurred: 2017-05-10; Posted: 2017-05-21

Cheated by Paytm
Few Days ago, I added 5000 in my Paytm account to buy some electronic appliances at around 10:45 am in the morning. Then, I logged off. I logged back at around 5 pm again to my Paytm account and was not able to login. Tried to reset password and logged on to see that my order was cancelled. I realised my account was hacked by someone and from the refund received the hacker had made 5 transaction of total worth Rs 4616. The hacker had also written some bad words in my profile. When i checked my Paytm wallet summary, I could see 5 fraud transaction with complete details of order id and transaction. These transactions were made through my wallet. I immediately reported this to the customer care of Paytm within 5 hours of these transactions being made. They asked me to write to their cyber cell of Paytm. I wrote several emails and the basic request was to hold or block these fraud transactions since all were done with Paytm partners and were not realised. The idea was take the right action to save the MONEY from going away. While we wanted to give time to the cyber cell of Paytm to investigate we at least wanted them to at least get these transactions being blocked or kept on hold. This was not done and nobody tried to talk to us on phone or interact on emails. We did several emails and phones but the customer care said we do not have cyber cell contact and you can just mail them and we cannot help you. This all was done by Paytm and finally result in losing my money.

Based on the fraud transactions being made, I kept on calling Paytm customer care service but there was no response. Their customer care service is pathetic. They make fool of their customers.

Financial Losses
Hacked Systems

No response from Paytm

I advice people not to add money in your Paytm wallet. As they are making fool of their customers and the sellers who are selling their product on Paytm are not registered User. So, please don’t be cheated by company like Paytm.

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