Anonymous vs Iryshok Flower
Occurred: 2020-01-25; Posted: 2020-02-10

emails from but wants reply to
GMX is a free email service from Germany, while is a domain name reserved for Network Service providers in Japan, in this case for ODN, Japan. But the name of the girl "Iryshok" is surprisingly unique and extraordinary. In her email she says her name is Irisha and she is from Ukraine. But for sure she has hacked the email address of Anitta or Nareiko

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MESSAGE FROM Iryshok Flower
Hello my dear pen-friend How was your day? This is not myfirsteffortto find someone online. My lastcontactsfared to be freaks. my real name Irysha. I was born and live in Ukraine, after all I have been assuming more and more about shifting my place. I am already 35y.o, I understand that it is too late, my years arepassing. Therefore, I do not have the desire to actfoolish games. I'm educated and smart, kindwoman, as well as a nicehousekeeper. I work in dentistry. I have no financial troubles. I ask you answer this email so that I know that you have received and read it. If you react me, in this case in my next letter I am going to relate you more about my life. In your letter, I plead you to tell me where you stay, your location and your interests. I will be looking forward for your letter.

If you are interested Please reply ONLY to my regular mailbox:


Just check this website:

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aarti vs Trade India
Tokyo  Japan
Occurred: 2017-04-04; Posted: 2017-05-21

Trade India
I thought to expand my business and that's why I deal with India mart and Trade India Trade India. I started work with both of them on the same date in Feb 2017. I am fully dedicated towards my work. I am working in the same way on both portals.

I have invested 31,000₹ in Exporters Trade India and 5,000₹ in India mart.

After few days I started getting orders from India mart but not from Trade India. While Robin Gupta Executive from Trade India made lots of promise that you will make lakhs of business per month and this and that your money will recover in just one shot. But till date I am not getting any response from buyers. I send them my collection, prices they didn't ask a single query regarding this.

Every other day I get calls from there different executives to take some plans of 45,000 RS or 93,000 RS. They are so well trained that can hack your mind and get the amount transferred into their account and after getting amount they don't have any responsibility towards the promises they make.

They told me to show my company what's in designing private limited on the top of the Google. Now when I asked regarding Google promotions they are saying that only number of customer visiting website can make my company to look on the top of Google. I mean this is such cheating as in starting they said they are taking money for Google promotion and if website hit will make my company to be visible on top than for what they asked money.

I than talked to the executive regarding the issue that buyers are not responding than he started to give lots of excuses. That they gets many more quotation, may be you are not dealing well with them, your price could be high, your designs could be inappropriate, and many more things. Than I do told him that I am also working with Designer India, I am working in the same way over there and I am getting orders from there on regular basis.

Financial Losses
Fraudulent Representation
Marketing Lies

No response

I am having this terrible experience with them and they are the biggest cheaters. If you are thinking to get started with them, then don't. They just want to take money from you they will never respond back to your concern as it happened with me.

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Anonymous vs Yoshida Reina , SATO VAC INC
Occurred: 2016-08-15; Posted: 2016-08-26

Work from Home- E-mail address spoofing
I saw the email from HR dept from SATOVAC inc and it says they are looking for people to work from home in USA and Canada. The email is showing the address of the sender as When you reply to the email, the email does not go to but to

The email protocol (SMTP) has no authentication by default, so the spammer can pretend to originate a message apparently from any email address. To prevent this, some ISPs and domains require the use of SMTP-AUTH, allowing positive identification of the specific account from which an email originates.

Spam Messaging


I tried to reply to see what they have to offer and what they ask for to make money by cheating but then I changed my mind becasue fo the fear of misdirected bounces (i.e. e-mail spam backscatter).

Emails are not a word of God; and there are many more thieves than you can imagine. Thugs come in all shapes and colors now a days.

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