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Occurred: 2018-09-21; Posted: 2018-09-21

minimum of 300,000 barrels per month, a maximum of 500,000 barrels per month
Can you imagine they guys wants you to be his partner in stealing a minimum of 300,000 barrels per month to a maximum of 500,000 barrels per month. He thinks people will really believe in him and later after trust based on greed is developed, he can later ask for a small amount to carry out some small re-requisite/ task to finalize the deal.

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RESPONSE FROM Engr Abelardo Fernandez
I make this introduction based on my regard for your credibility. My name is Engr. Abelardo Fernandez. I work with the Sao Tome and Principe national petroleum agency.

To be precise, I oversee the issuance of oil allocation license for our oil company. My position in the agency entitles me to recommend oil allocation bidders and actualize oil lifting and exploration allocation licenses to my candidates based on my interest. I also oversee and approve the issuance of the license for oil allocation in our company and also monitor the lifting procedures in our company.

In July 2007, I facilitated and actualized the license of a candidate. A business man from Korea (Comprehensive details to be provided subsequently).The license was for 1 year at 24 million BBLS/12 months. Incidentally the candidate was no more. The license has been valid till date (as I always ensure that I keep to my side of the bargain), I have decided to begin using the license from October 2018. I am in need of a partner from your country whom I can trust. I will package this partner as the allocation license beneficiary and assign the license to this partner. Due to my position in the petroleum agency, I cannot handle this position. Your profile fits into the criteria of a partner I need. This is why I am contacting you. With the trend of events in Sao Tome and Principe, we shall be able to lift a minimum of 300,000 barrels of BLCO per month. This will fetch us an average of US$28 million per month. And we have from October 2018 up until October 2019 to lift crude oil which will fetch us approximately (12) x (28) Million dollars. Which is approximately 336 Million dollars for the rest of the time of the License allocation? I have ready buyers who are waiting and would be ready to scramble for any number of barrels we lift. Also I will oversee all lifting procedures with the available mercenary around. This is what I propose:

1. Your company profile shall be used in place of the initial license Operator. This I shall handle with my capacity in the company.

2. I will ensure that your company's profile is recognized as the current license operator and that we have a mandate for at least minimum of 300,000 barrels per month, a maximum of 500,000 barrels per month. Starting from Octorber.

3. I will ensure that all lifting procedures are in place and buyers readily available to purchase the product.

4. You shall stand in as the license operator for all lifting and sales transactions; we shall open an account for the receipt of the oil sale proceeds in which both of us shall be signatories to the account or you can provide your personal or company bank account to receive the payments on our behalf.

5. We shall split the oil sale proceeds in the ratio of 60:40 equity shares. I shall be entitled to 60% share while your company shall be entitled to 40% share. Please note: no third party arrangement shall be allowed. I believe you are a man of wisdom and intelligence.

This offer I make to you is based on utmost good faith. I could be Jeopardizing my position in the agency if a word of this goes out.

Therefore without mincing words, I rely on you for utmost confidentiality on every bit of detail relating to this transaction. Please reply this email strictly at

I am in London on official duties at the moment waiting for your response. Upon your positive response, I will be willing to forward to you proof of my proposition and my personal identity. Also I shall fly back to Sao Tome and Principe and from there we shall commence operations. I shall also provide you details of the former

License operator and a copy of the license issued to him for the lifting of crude oil in our company which I personally approved and endorsed. Also procedures for license reassignment and actualizing the rest of the project shall be provided to you.

Please in response to this email, quote the reference number:

Crude oil Lifting License No: ANP/STP-C-0589124

I look forward to a prospective business relationship between us.


When you send this small amount he asks to fulfill a pre-requisite to start the theft, will vanish.

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