Anonymous VS Walmart
Indiana  United States
Occurred: 2018-04-01; Posted: 2018-06-08

Walmart sent me the product I bought in horrible condition
I purchased a BeautySleep Sanford Plush Mattress from and my mattress arrived at my door in horrible condition. The man who delivered it, from the start, asked me to get up into the small delivery truck and take a look at my purchase. Upon inspection, the plastic protection at the front (top) of the mattress had been broken open in several places, and the material/top of the mattress was embedded with oily-black semi-trailer brake dust or some sort of black STAINS! The delivery driver said that I could reject the delivery but that it would probably be best if I just ACCEPT DELIVERY, and he had me take photos of not only his original delivery invoice, which proved that his company had received the mattress in its horrible condition, but he also told me to take photos of the mattress; as he took photos of his own of the mattress once he had brought it up to my house.

The mattress was under $300.00, so it was a cheap purchase, but this should not mean that I should have had to accept a filthy mattress. Thanks to the WALMART.COM's choice of shipping/deliverers (Pilot Freight Services), and thanks to the fact that WALMART chooses to not respond to my complaints/photo proofs that they are totally irresponsible.

Lack of Due Diligence
Financial Losses

I didn't get any response from Walmart.


I decided that I won't ever buy anything from Walmart again, and I advise you to do the same if you don't want to receive your product in a horrible condition.

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