Guddu31 VS Avnit
Occurred: 2017-10-10; Posted: 2017-10-30

Payment Against booking an apartment
This person named "Avnit" called me that you have inquired about a property on and told that I will send you pictures of flat you are looking for on your watsapp number and you can see and finalize by sending some amount as an advance for booking. After sending amount of 200 rupees, he never called me back deactivated his watsapp and disappeared by taking my money. He has done fraud to many people in my area. He sent me the phone number of Devinder singh to send booking amount phone number is : 7528050539 and this person Avnit phone no. is : 7087615413

Illegal Acts
Financial Losses
Marketing Lies

I will deactivate the advertisement and finalize apartment for you and kindly send me a screenshot for payment.


Please don't trust and never pay advance for booking an apartment just by checking some pictures until you have not visited and met the person, otherwise you will lead to financial loses.

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fcadmin  |  2017-11-05
A lot of people feel angry, upset or afraid after experiencing crime/ fraud. Some people are surprised at just how emotional they feel after a crime. These strong emotions can make you feel even more unsettled and confused. People around you, such as family and friends, are also likely to be affected.

fcadmin  |  2017-11-05
Feel free to send an email to to evaluate any possible fraud before taking any steps or sending a response in a hurry.