Buba VS Puls consulting
 Serbia/Montenegro (Yugoslavia)
Occurred: 2017-09-05; Posted: 2017-10-07

An unregistered medical device that treats everything
Firm Puls consulting invited my parents by phone to the presentation of their medical device and with that full check of my parents health which was financed by an international humanitarian organization they said.
When my parents got there they seriously explained all the health problems and the connection with the wrong treatment and even fatal outcomes, for which the solution is a bearing with magnetic fields, and even organized a "prize game" that gives a discount when buying Bed for magnetic fields treatment. The price for it is abnormaly high and some people who were trick to by it have problems to return their money.
After little research we found out that "In accordance with the Law on Medicinal Products and Medical Devices, advertising material must be approved by the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Serbia," and The Medicines Agency did not approve the mentioned promotional material. From this institution they state:
,, Puls consulting ', have not a single product has been registered as a medical agent with the Agency. "

Fraudulent Representation
Marketing Lies

RESPONSE FROM Puls consulting



Customers should be aware that fake medical devices are being sold daily on presentations and that people who have already been closed by state authorities for fraud and illegal activities appear as sellers. For this reason, buying medical devices at presentations should be avoided.

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