Anonymous VS Symbiosis Insititue of Business Management
Maharashtra  India
Occurred: 2011-01-11; Posted: 2017-05-23

A competition winner Vs. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM)
Back in 2011, I was a part of a rock band which entered the band competition hosted by SIBM. I was the guitarist of that band who won the best guitarist title which was a Rs. 5000 ($77 US dollars). It's a huge amount for a college going Indian 20 year old. I received a certificate and was told that the prize money would be awarded at the end of the week as cash in an envelope. This is not odd in India. I went there to collect it a week later and I was infuriated because the organizing team was not present there. I took some numbers and wrote a letter addressing the problem. I kept calling for months and there was no response. I lost my precious prize money.

Lack of Due Diligence

RESPONSE FROM Symbiosis Insititue of Business Management
Someone would occasionally answer and tell me that it's processing. The college did not take responsibility for this, the blame was pushed on the students who organized. A total of 6 months later, I was told that the student batch had graduated. There were no means of communication.


When you win a prize money in India. Make it a big deal so that people are aware. That adds pressure. Had I jumped around announcing it to everyone, the problem wouldn't have faded away. Also, make sure you take the money on the day you earn it. I mean, don't let the organizers push it to the next day. It's your money, claim it. If at all it is not possible, be ready to demand a written commitment to honour the prize.

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