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Occurred: 2017-05-06; Posted: 2017-05-16

Cheated by Ola Cabs
I have a complaint with Ola Cabs. I had booked a ride with Ola on 6th May at 6:45 am in Bangalore which was confirmed and the CRN was 113789550. However, in the morning on calling the driver Mr. Shri Gopal at 6:45 am, he refused to come without informing in advance and I already added money in my wallet. So, I called another driver Mr. Ravi was scheduled to pick me up at 7:15, after a delay of 30 mins from the scheduled time but he too refused to come and said he was far off. The customer care could not be contacted despite trying repeatedly for 30 mins. I was scheduled to give a national level fellowship exam in Bangalore in Electronic city scheduled at 8 am, but this was the biggest trial rather than the exam. After confirming a ride in advance, I was left stranded! The services of Ola have been pathetic. Without informing in advance the driver refused to come, Ola made no suitable alternative available. This is definitely not acceptable. Had I not been able to book an Uber ride immediately I would have failed to reach my examination venue in time. I travelled all the way from Kolkata to Bangalore for this exam and specifically recharged Ola money just to ensure pre booked rides but if this sorry state of affairs at Ola I would definitely warn people before they book Ola rides for any important affair. I was forced to avail of Ola services later also as I had recharged previously with Rs1000 without knowing the poor quality of services. I faced a great difficulty, but both ride now and ride later options could not be availed several times because of full slots. I am really disappointed with the service. I didn’t get my money that I have recharged with Ola.


No response from Ola Cabs


I advice people don't trust on Ola Cabs esecially in case of an emergency. Sometimes driver deny to pick you up from your place or sometimes driver cancels the ride on their own without informing the user.

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