Tunisia ( 4 )

Foswarak vs Graiet

I bought an AC on February from a well known company in Tunisia and it was not working properly. It took me 2months to have technical assistance.

ms1sm vs Tej Marhaba Hotel
You never get the room you booked. I paid for a room with a king size bed and a balcony with a view of the ocean. The websites like, or ask you to pay upfront online so that the room is ensured and a discount is offered. When you arrive at the hotel, the desk clerks offer you rooms with three queen beds or rooms with views of city street etc. You are already there, you have already paid, you are left with no choice to accept the whatever room.

Anonymous vs Sixt
A car rental that costs USD 60-70/ day at Frankfurt Airport will cost USD 90-100/ day at Tunis Airport. The car at Frankfurt airport will be neat and clean and dent free and with lower driven kilometers. The cars at Tunis airport are always dirty, smelly, dented, rusted, with over 60,000 kms and with engine sounds of a dying donkey. If you rent a car for two weeks, you are better off buying the same car for the price of the rental from the local Friday flee market and throw it in the ocean or leave at the parking lot on your way out.

Anonymous vs Apple look alike
Every link given in this very professional looking email points to a website from Tunis... The spammer dioes not know that I do not have an iTunes account. I actually do not like Apple or Samsung and the expensive and useless toys they force people to buy....