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Mila vs Vodacom

As part of a 24-month contract, I got a Galaxy S5, which started to give me problems soon after I received it. I took it back to the dealer, who sent it to the Vodacom head office for repairs. It was returned to me after a month, still faulty, and the dealer said that it had water damage, and that it was not a new phone! I pointed out to them that I got it from them, and provided proof of this. I also pointed out that the phone had never been exposed to water. After 2 months of calls and visits to the dealer, they told me flat-out that they will not be replacing the phone, taking no responsibility whatsoever.

This to me is not only crap service, it is also fraudulent, because they supplied the used, old phone in the first place. I had to buy myself a new one (not a Galaxy). I won't be renewing my contract with Vodacom.