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Anonymous vs Looks like Apple and PayPal

1. Does paypal trade center send emails
2. Why would you hide the IP address at the top and then show it in the middle
3. AliExpress is using AliPay why would they send something through PayPal.
4. Why the email address shows as <>.
5. Did you order an iPhone. Do you really believe that someone (a long lost aunt with a phone factory) will send a free phone to you.
6. The address 5 Lane 80 Taiyuen Road Datong District Taipei City 10349 Taiwan shows up as an example for writing a correct address on This shows that the spammer is somehow aware of which is a regional logistics provider for 10 countries within the Asia Pacific region.
7. The IP address mentioned from where someone tried to buy an iphone with your email address belongs to JAPAN: