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Anonymous vs Edward E. William

This is a phishing email from a hacker trying to get your personal info and invade your bank account or paypal account...

Anonymous vs Street fraudster
I was 12 years old and was a basketball fanatic. When Orlando Magic went into the NBA finals and one of the popular names that reverberated was Shaquille O' Neal, I was just in awe. In Filipino, he was just so "astig" or sturdy - a word commonly attributed to a person with a muscular built, macho image and is quite literally, grounded. As the team's center, he can block so well, can screen, can capture good rebounds and he can definitely assist and shoot, too. Everything that I wanted to be as a basketball player was in him.

The street where I lived was a very public street as it is in between two main roads and there is a Jeep line ( a public form of transport) passing through. It is, however, a street, connecting various alleys and inner streets only accessible by foot or by bicycle. My dad, being the smart man that he is, gave me a new mountain bike (priced around Php 2000 then, would have been priced to about Php 5,000 now) as a graduation gift. I've been using the bike for a week now and one mid-day, I happened to be stopped by a man who, out of nowhere, asked me if I'd like a Shaquille O' Neal signed basketball. I felt like I won the lottery then. What were the odds of meeting someone selling such a priceless item? He said he was selling it for Php 500 and I agreed. He, unfortunately, said that he doesn't have it with him, and have to get it first so I said I was willing to wait. He then asked to borrow my bike so he can come back faster and of course, you knew what happened. I agreed and close to say, I gave permission for him to take my bike but it doesn't help with me feeling like a fool and being cheated that way.

randy455 vs Baste
Growing up in Recto (Manila) means being exposed to a lot of underground jobs. I have a best friend, I knew him since I was 10. Things became different after high school I proceeded to a state university but he was forced to work at an early age. We still see each other and this is how I know that even if your job is a forger, I know that you are still a decent person.

A forger is someone who creates legal documents and forges the signature of the authorizing personnel. The forger normally has templates to use and has already made arrangements in terms of the printout, paper, and seals in order to ensure that the document will appear original. I knew that this is illegal but I turned a blind eye and never let this interfere with my friendship with Baste. Baste moves from one store/shop to another. He wasn't the one getting the jobs, he was only the one getting it done.

So when I graduated, I visited him on one of the shops he was working for and I shared my success. I brought my diploma with me and he looked at me knowingly. He said that it wasn't authentic. That was a low blow for me and was quite insulting but he said that he'll check just to make sure. He brought my diploma in and was out in less than a minute. He then said that he takes it back and confirmed that the diploma was authentic.

I found out through the grapevine a few weeks later that the less than one minute that he was away was all it took for him to use the information for forgery templates. It was necessary that templates are updated because of the new signatories and the seals and him being given an original, allowed him a fresh copy.

They say men are supposed to be strong and willful and should not be emotional but knowing that we were friends and he chose to trick me was a final straw. i was hurt emotionally and I lost faith in him and in our friendship.

Belle vs Abbie
Our final exam for our Print Journalism subject in College was to publish a magazine from scratch. There were about 18 students in our class and we needed to come up with both the content and the sponsors in order to get it published. To be fair, therefore, our Editor-in-Chief, Abbie, through a consensus, decided for all the students to contribute a certain amount to cover all the expenses. If it cannot be secured from a sponsor, cash has to be provided. I was the business manager of the magazine and it was my role to budget and ensure that the funds are intact for the publication. It was also my responsibility to contact and pay the publishing company and in this case, even the freelance layout artist we were referred to. I was the signatory to these contracts.

I have been in close communication with Abbie throughout the duration and instructions were clear but some students, however, got a sponsor for their contribution and named the checks payable to Abbie's name. Some sponsors wrote the check to the order of the school's name. I made the necessary arrangement but despite my efforts, these checks have to be deposited into Abbie's account. The magazine does not have its own legal account as it was not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Time flew, however, and publication schedule was moved. Some contracts have lapsed and some business commitments/sponsorships were no longer applicable/honored. Our professor gave us our final grades - based on the progress and all of us graduated that school year. Having finished the school year, some students started to ask for a refund because we were not able to deliver the publication. I gave half of their money to be fair with the contract of obligations. I was still confident that the budget was intact despite that because the money in Abbie's account is going to be sufficient to cover the publication costs.

Abbie, unfortunately, in all the time that I asked her for the funds, assured me that the money was intact but never really got to withdraw them nor remit them to me. I realized later on, that those who asked for a refund were also her friends. I sincerely felt abused and cheated. She did not do her due dilgence as a editor in chief and as a person. She was indifferent to my situation because she did not return any of my follow-ups anymore. And I had to shell out money for this one.
But I had no choice.

My name was on the line with the publication and I couldn't cancel so I paid the costs out of my own pocket. The actual publication wasn't necessary because we have already graduated but knowing that you've done your part and your end of the bargain and that you did not do the same to others is the only consolation I had.

Anonymous vs Katherine Ann DOjoles
I'm keeping my name confidential for personal reasons but am submitting my story so that others can beware. I am also attaching a screenshot of someone else she did her modus on. I felt cheated, used and angry for what has happened. She hurt me emotionally because we started as friends and now, she owes me money.

I met Ann about a year ago at work and I immediately felt connected to her. She is a big girl with a really loud voice and she seemed to be friends with everyone. She seemed to be "in the crowd" but she also seemed to be a "keeper of secrets." I know she talks a lot, that's part of who she was and that's what makes her so bubbly and friendly but I have shared with her sensitive things about me, some even controversial and none of it ever surfaced. I knew I could trust her. She was my friend.

Now, during this time, I was doing side selling in the office to earn a little. What I do is I have a supplier overseas providing me bags, clothes, perfume, jewelry and other items and I offer it to my colleagues to see if they are interested and simply put, do the retail selling. Ann knows this and understands why I have to do it. As a single mom and the head of my nuclear family (parents and siblings), I need to maximize all possible sources of income and I simply need to invest. So when she said that she'd like to help me out, I didn't think twice. It started with one or two items that she'll just sell at the same rate I was - so she was doing it free of charge. After a week, however, her sales pattern was just astounding so I thought it would be fair for me to either divide the profit or better yet, be her supplier.

I earned about 200% of my usual profit in the first month. Sales dwindled by the second month for Ann and that's understandable, I still got profit for the goods that were sold. As a supplier, however, it was essential that I get paid for the items I passed to her (I have to pay my own supplier too!) but due to the nature of our relationship, I told her to pay me when the items are already sold. Ann told me that she'd like to be more aggressive and just sell any item that she could so despite a pending balance, she asked for additional goods. I saw this as a business opportunity because Ann was about to be moved to the morning shift and since there wasn't anyone selling goods in the morning shift, I being on the night shift, would be able to maximize the office market.

Sales improved the following month but Ann was still behind with all the stocks that were not yet paid. We talked about allowing a payout schedule (ie selling the items in advance and getting the payment on payday). She shared to me the buyers of each item with her and when we can expect the payment. All items were accounted for and I trusted Ann.

The fourth and fifth month wasn't any better but since everything was accounted for - and I was able to get to know the people on the list and confirmed that they owe Ann, I did not see an item of concern. Ann told me that the people are simply not adhering to their committed payment schedule causing the delay and I understood that. I also had a similar disposition in the night shift. I, however, had to ask Ann to cover the earlier supplies because it's creating a domino effect. She was quick to cover the remaining supplies from the second month but asked to hold off on the succeeding, at least until she is able to collect.

I wasn't oblivious to the other businesses that Ann was also doing. On top of the goods she's selling from me, I knew that she was also selling sandwiches and was also offering debt services (loan other people money and get 20% interest).
I was confident that she'd be able to cover the rest of the unpaid supplies as well as the uncollected payment as time passes.

I started to hear some word that Ann was in the hole on the sixth month. Word has it that she owes one or two people some money and was also behind her payment. I confronted Ann and she admitted that it was true. She relayed her difficulty in collecting the money and since it's staggered collection - the full payment for all the items that were owed was simply next to impossible.
It was a tough situation to be in. Ann was also a single mom and she can only accommodate so much. I understood her and gave her some slack. I was, however, starting to be concerned, and started to collect directly from the individuals identified on our list.

Some individuals were surprised that I was collecting from them because they did not know I was Ann's supplier. I stopped because I felt like it was improper for me to do so. But time was flying and I wasn't in any better state too.

We're now on our 10th month and Ann owed me about Php 200,000 - stocks and pending payment for purchased goods. All forms of communication with Ann are currently unavailable and/or inactive. I investigated the situation myself and found out that 1) she has already moved 2) she owed a lot of people money and 3) she also had a similar case in her previous call center.

I was so angry with what she did. For me, this is estafa on the grand scale! So I started to escalate her to her superior and unfortunately, I was advised that my business arrangement is personal in nature and the office cannot intervene. I was so pissed off and I felt cheated not only because of what Ann did but because the company I work for - with all its prestigious image and so-called care for employees - apparently cannot help me!

The 10th month is still ongoing and as I become more and more agitated and stressed of the situation, I realized that 1) I cannot press charges because I do not have a business contract 2) I cannot hold the company I work for liable because there was an office policy against selling without a license/approval 3) I have to charge this to experience and likely absorb the costs. I will not stop, however, in warning off others as regards the modus.

Anonymous vs 911 Personnell
911 Personnel smoking in public place outside 911 headquarters. This is embarrassing violation since the city strictly implementing the anti smoking and yet the local government who implement the anti smoking is the one who's violating in front of the headquarters.

Amy vs Ms Irene
I'm 18 years old and I'm excited with a lot of things happening in my life. I still live with my parents, it's common here in the Philippines and I'm currently studying in college. In a digital age, having access to the internet and being familiar with news and potential modus, I never imagined I will be one of those people who'd be writing their experience on websites like this. I was quite hesitant at first, you'll see why later on, but I think it simply has to be out there. If I had known this beforehand, I am sure I would have been able to prevent it from happening and here I am.

Classes are about to close and I was quite busy finalizing last few items at school. Nobody's home but me and the helper. The landline rang and I answered and a frantic voice said, "Who's this?" "Amy," I replied. "May I know who's this?" The person did not answer, however, and said, "Listen, Amy... who's there with you right now?" she asked. "Our helper, Mary," I said. "Who is this, please? I repeated. "Look, Amy, this is very important. How old is Mary, again?" she said in a rushing tone. I replied, "57 years old." "Okay, Amy, I need you to get a place to talk where she cannot hear you. Is there anywhere you can talk without her overhearing? Do you have a cellphone?" she said. "Yes, I do. What is this about?" I inquired, getting worried. "Amy," she said, "You do not want Mary involved in this, I'm sure you don't want her to be part of this. This is about your parents. Can you call me directly when she's not around?"

I said I will call her, and she gave me a cell phone number. After putting down the receiver (landline), I immediately went to lock myself in the bedroom and called her on my cell. I don't even know her name but my heart was beating so fast. She said it was about my parents. I heard Mary knocking on the door, asking me what's wrong but she was not supposed to be involved so I rudely shouted between the doors, "You don't get a say on what's happening with me! Leave me alone!" All these happened while I was waiting for the woman to pick up on the cell number and when I was sure and I thought that by this time, Mary has already left, the conversation started again. "Amy," the woman said in a reserved serious tone of voice. "My name is Irene and I am talking to you because my husband is against this proposition and will not tolerate what I'm going to ask you but I want to help. Your parents collided with our car and we met minor injuries. I was hurt and my husband was outraged and is pressing charges. All of us are now inside the precinct and the officers are taking our statement. Your parents are now being detained inside a cell and will be held there unless you cover damages that we have incurred. Your parents said that you have money and they have valuable items at home that you can use, is this true?" I was so scared and was fighting off tears but knowing that my parents were in jeopardy, I held my ground. I said, "Yes." "Your mother said, that you have a sibling, is this true?" the woman asked, and I said, "Yes." "I am telling you, she continued, I am not kidding. My husband is pressing charges and you do not want Mary nor your sibling to be involved, in all this. Do you want to talk to your mom?" she asked. I said, "Yes."

A muffled voice came on the line, I couldn't understand much of anything that was being said but I heard a whimper and I heard a little voice that said "Amy..." then some sounds. My mom was crying and my heart started to break, but I had to be strong. "Mom, don't cry. Don't worry, we'll get through this... I'm coming." Then she was gone and the woman was there again. "Amy, this is time-sensitive. I do not know how long I can keep my husband from proceeding with the case. I don't want any other people in your family to be involved. I want to help you. I need you to follow my instructions, can you do that?" I said, "yes." "Amy, first you need to be fast and quick in getting what your parents said as valuable to cover the damages. Get as much as you could, otherwise, your parents will go to jail. Understand?" I gave a verbal nod. "Second, you need to limit your contact with others, you do not want them to be involved. My husband can only be reasoned accordingly. Nobody should know. Do you understand." I gave another verbal nod. "Last, but not least, you will need to buy a different sim and call me from another number. Call me again when you're ready. I will need to give you directions on how we can meet so that my husband does not realize that I'm already accepting the payment for the damages and that I"m okay."

I followed what she said to the suit and immediately left with Mary calling out where I was going. I told her "to meet a friend at a nearby street." I removed my sim card and inserted the new one and called Irene. "Amy, I need you to hail a cab right now. Don't worry, you're doing this for your parents. I will help you." While inside the cab, Irene asked for me to pass the phone to the driver so she can give instructions and I complied. The driver had my phone talking to Irene the entire time, but probably seeing that I was so agitated, helped me be comfortable by telling me what Irene was saying regarding the place where we were going and the streets we were in.

The driver brought me to the 7-Eleven near the Manila Pier. This is where I delivered a small bag with my parents' jewelry and some cash I was able to earn over the school year. I asked Irene how my parents were doing and she said they're okay and were waiting for my action. She said that she was able to talk reason to her husband and he has put a halt on the case. She will just need to go back and bring what I promised and all will be fine. She asked me if I still have money left on me and I said everything was in the bag and she said, that will not do. You need to have a few to take the cab. She fished through the bag and gave me Php200. She said she needed to go back now, she doesn't want her husband to think that something has gone wrong and with that I said, thank you and we parted ways. I was relieved and I hailed a cab to go back home. Now, secured and no longer rushed, I removed the new sim card and inserted my old one and I saw multiple offline messages sent to me, asking me where I was and what happened with me. Mary, apparently, felt that something has terribly gone wrong and has been looking for me in the 5 hours I was gone. My phone being unreachable did not help her feel secure so she has contacted all my relatives to find anything that may be helpful. This was only the time that I started to doubt myself. I called my brother and told him I was on my way home, he was more frantic than Irene over the phone but hearing that I was en route, he said we'll just talk at home. I went back to everything that has happened while on the way. In my simple understanding of things - I really felt that I did the right thing. I did not provide a lot of information, I asked for proof of life, I was compliant. My parents should be fine.

When I arrived home, my dad, my brother, and Mary were waiting for me at the living room, as if a panel, who was going to interrogate me. The looks in their eyes were full of worry, concern, and judgment. Seeing my dad there was a big relief for me but my doubts started to tower. They asked me what happened and I started to tell them the story and little by little, I began to feel how I was cheated into doing what I did. It was only then I realized that my mom and dad couldn't possibly be together during that time of the accident because my mom was in the province and my dad was at work. It was also then that I started to cry.

What happened to me was so clear, Irene's face, what was said but I really couldn't do anything about the situation. For a while now, I did not want to share what happened. I felt really stupid for having fallen for it. But there's no changing the past. My mom has lost about Php180,000 worth of jewelry, my dad about Php 60,000 from his watch and ring and I lost about Php 8,000 cash.

I believed the fictitious story on the accident and paid for inexistent damages and accepted fraudulent representation. I also think I became ignorant of the modus and was not thinking straight.

I'm thankful that I wasn't killed in the process. I trusted a complete stranger, met with her at an unknown place - even if 7eleven was a public place, anything could have happened. I however, still feel cheated.

MitchMorales vs PLDT
One morning a Sales representative calls me randomly. She congratulates me for paying on time since I did pay before the due date to avoid conflict on the billings. After congratulating me, she mentioned that I'll be granted with prices for paying on time. as a customer, you'll be happy to hear that News. when she asked me if I LIKE to have the following add ons. (Pocket Wifi, Telepad and others). I say Yes. but at the end of the call, I clearly clarified that it is all for FREE, I don't have to PAY anything. She said YES. Thus I thought, everything is ok. then suddenly when they delivered the add ons and see the package condition, I saw this contract that I have to pay additional amount monthly and other fees will be added on the next billing, I immediately went back to PLDT to raise my concern. I followed the procedure on cancelling the subscription, i wrote a formal letter noting all my reasons. after 2 months, surprisingly then REJECT MY REQUEST which brings the SHIT OUT OF ME. I even FUCKING clarified it at the end of the call and HOW DOES the MANAGEMENT have to reject my request when I DIDN'T EVEN SIGNED any CONTRACT!!! IN THE FIRST PLACE..I am the CUSTOMER and I KNOW WHAT EXACTLY what I want. how can the MANAGEMENT REJECTS it when I AM THE CUSTOMER and I CANT TO CANCEL it immediately citing the reason of MISREPRESENTATION. So fucking DUMB to put me into this situation!!!

Anonymous vs Sky Cable service provider
I subscribe to Skycable 299 with basic channels to enjoy the shows. When they represented me with different packages, I am quickly sold in availing the 299 package particularly because NBA premium and Basketball TV channels. I am a big fan of NBA and I tuned in everyday for NBA games, updates and analysis. It was on the month of April when the NBA playoffs is about to start. Suddenly Basketball TV and other channels gone Unavailable in the middle of subscription in the middle of the month of April.
I quickly went to the nearest office to inquire what happened and how will they redeem the customers. This is the statement from Skycable:
SKYCABLE has given no timetable on the return of Basketball TV and NBA Premium to its channel lineup, but assured it is “working on a resolution” with NBA rights-holder Solar Entertainment with the league's playoffs drawing near.
I am expecting it will only take few days to fix and the said channels will be back just in time for Playoffs.
What happened is until then, Basketball TV did not aired back. I went to the nearest office to complain. I was expecting then will redeem the incident like some sort of refund or additional channels. but instead, then simply say "SORRY" and nothing more. I ask them, "This is the fault of the Company right", the representative says "YES" and so I added "so what the customer gets is just SORRY, no refunds, no consolations, no adjustment of the billing?" they say "NO, just Sorry".
If you look closely, you are subscribing according to the channels they represented but they failed to deliver. I think it is unfair and Breach of Contract. They don't return the money and they didn't do anything either to make the customer satisfied/happy. instead, it sounds more of stealing.

ALICE vs Michelle
I went to this website and so, while I was going through the content, something popped up. It was a mini roulette and I was intrigued because it said that when you spin the roulette, you will win a prize. I know what i did was stupid because I spun the roulette, after I spun the roulette, I entered my email address because it was said that you have to enter your email address after you have spun the roulette. After that, I realized it was a scam because the source didn't respond and the website was not secure.That made me strengthen the privacy of my email address.

ALICE vs Maniac Driver
Have you been in a situation in which you went to place with only a cab and a private owned vehicle are the only means of transportation? What about booking a taxi so that you wont be having a hard time getting a ride home? I m about to share something, a horrible experience from a maniac and harassing cab driver. I rode this cab from a mall to my house, I thought it was a fine ride. What angered me is that this driver charged me a huge amount and he also harassed me by saying malicious words.

ALICE vs Ryan
There was this random person who texted me " hi (my nickname), i miss you . Please call me." What I did was, I texted this person back and asked him who he/she was, but then there was no response. So I went to , some of those websites had stupid contents which were not that helpful. However, I found this one legit website and that was when I was able to know the name of the random texter.I was creeped out because I didn't even know this person but how come he knows me. After that incident, I have kept my number more private.

Anonymous vs Lanilyn Abaya
I had to take lunch an hour early one day to cover for my sick boss that night. One of us had to be there at all times.I opened the front door and there they were on the couch, clothes scattered on the floor, scurrying to cover up. It's burned into my head. At that point it gets blurry though. I froze for a second. I started seeing red and knew that if I didn't get out of there something bad would happen, so I left. I got in my car,locked the door, turned off my cell phone and started driving. I went back to work and pretended nothing happened.She tried to call me, I always said I was on another line and would call back when I could. She showed up about two hours before I got off and I had them tell her I was with a customer. She went back home eventually but I didn't. I slept in my car that night. I drove out on the local scenic parkway, parked at an overlook, and just sat on the hood of my car devastated. I didn't move the entire night. I couldn't sleep. When I went home, it was only because I had to work the next day. She asked if we could have an open relationship; I said no; she kept cheating; we divorced