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I applied for the renewal of POC about six months ago via Australian embassy to the NADRA office in Pakistan and paid urgent fee expecting quick processing and delivery. Still awaiting acknowledgment / renewal of POC.

Anonymous vs Bahria Town
Bahria Town boasts of security and high standards. Residents pay high prices for plots of land and for the construction standards imposed by the Bahria inspection teams. The number of thefts and robberies are increasing day by day and the standards of infrastructure are declining. Every day you see a road structure failing because the backfilling done by Bahria was not according to quality standards. Many houses are cracking due to the same reason.

Anonymous vs Phone Snatcher
My father an 85 year old man likes to do his errands on foot. He always carries a small man bag with him which has his spectacles, phone, money and IDs etc. A few days ago, a motor-cycle thief tried to snatch his bag when he was crossing the road and hurt him badly. My father fell on ground, had bruises on his head, back, fractured his collar bone and lay unconscious on the road for I don't know how long when someone called for an ambulance.

Anonymous vs NADRA
Some one at NADRA has self graciously launched the online application system for Identity cards and origin cards etc, which is full of bugs, hangs up again and again and is just another source of frustration in a country full of booby traps. Seems like a good idea in principle; but also works as a good idea for corruption. Sometimes the money is requested at the very start of the application process and the application process never completes due to a website full of bugs. So one loses the money and then the email support form either does not work or even if it sends your request, no one replies.

Anonymous vs Bahria Town
I bought a plot/ piece of land 10 years ago in Bahria Town Phase 3. The plot had a green belt on the north side. I paid a premium price due to the empty space in the north a mountain view in the front. The map published by Bahria, shows the green belt and the possession papers show that the north side is an empty space without any residential construction. In the last few years, Bahria has started selling the planned green spaces to create more residential and commercial properties. Based on the empty space, I got the detailed design made by Bahria, which has now gone to waste, and I will have to create a new design. I approached bahria and no one is willing to take the responsibility for such fraudulent acts. I suppose changing the urban plan/ master plan of the land, after the land has been sold is not only fraud but also an environmental crime. Since Bahria is such a big untouchable, no one can get any justice from these guys.

Anonymous vs Ufone
Once I got call from ufone helpline. After introducing, the agent greeted me very warm congratulations for winning brand new Corolla XLI new model from ufone company. He took all details from me like,  when did I own this sim and my CNIC number, my family members' details and other basics. I gave him all details very pleasingly. Then he further introduced himself. He was actually Senior Staff Assistant of that company. He gave me a lot of exciting news that tomorrow he and his team members will come to my home with my car. I was unbelieveable happy at this. Then he asked me to transfer payment of 30000/- RS into his bank account at first in advance by keeping call on hold. I went to bank and transferred the payment. Though it was not that easy for me but due to excitement of car,  I managed. Then he turned off the call saying that tomorrow his whole team will come to my home. That day passed and nobody came,  the other day had passed too. Then I went to ufone franchise told them all matter. They stunned me saying that it's not their company's scheme. The manager listened to me very friendly and sincerely. He asked the call agents to trace the call and after 3 months they caught that person.

Sidrajavaid vs United Bank Limited Lahore
I had to go to China for my uncle's liver operation. For that purpose I consulted Sky Chain travel agents for visa ane ticket processing. According to  ticket my uncle's and my flight day was on 10 Dec 2014. Other family members could not go due to heavy dues for operation. My uncle's kids were so young, so I was only near to them who could handle all money withdrawing or transferring procedures from banks. Unluckily due to some serious circumstances and my uncle's day by day weakness, Dr. PAN who have had to perform his operation, asked us to come on 15 Nov and it was so soon. I was greatly busy a week before going bank uncle asked me to withdraw 5 Lac from his bank accound in UBL, Lahore. I withdrew money and with all preparations done, we moved to China on 14 Nov. Two weeks later, was my uncle's operation. The Dr. Pan charged 3 Lac extra for some specific reasons regarding operation. My uncle gave that brief case to me,when I opened and counted money it was not total 5 lac there were many notes which were fake and it was total 3 Lac 28 thousand. There was loss of 1 Lac 72 thousand rupees. My uncle was not in condition to take any stress or tension and also could not tell this to any family member in this situation. I managed to call that bank about this issue but they refused to accept this mistake. Then I understood it was serious douge given to us. I arranged money with great trouble, taking borrow from a friend. But unfortunately my unlce did not recover from operation he died and with this extreme loss I forgot everything. After coming back Pakistan and six months after my uncle's death. Now whenever I remember this bank's farud I became a lot of furious and wish for them to be destroyed.

Sidrajavaid vs Mobilink Jazz
A month ago I was away from my home town. Me and my friends made a plan to visit northern areas. When we were in Swat I got call from my class's C.R to make urgent research proposal assigment. I had no money to buy an internet USB for that. A friend suggested to take internet package on Jazz sim. He searched mobilink jazz internet packages on a site. All of us were short of money at that time. So I took 1500 MBs weekly internet package on my sim card. It was more than enough to complete my assignment project. I had only 200/- rupees left in my pocket. The package's charges were mentioned RS. 71.70 on the site. I subscribed for that. But after subscribing I came to know that it was only 500 MBs for internet research and 200 MBs for whatsapp and facebook. It was so exhausting for me and I felt greatly cheated at that incident.

Anonymous vs Rohan
I am a successful and blessed housewife now I am sharing here the most unforgettable and real life incident of my own life here. When I was in Punjab university student of BBA HONS, I made friendship on Face book with an unknown guy named Rohan. I became impressed with him a lot and day by day our friendship grew stronger and it transformed to true love. My mom was only aware of this. One day he proposed me on face book and of course like all girls I said yes without informing anyone. When I told my mom, she talked to my dad about this but he did not agree for this. I tried a lot to convince him, instead of accepting he forced me to marry with his friend’s son. We were totally mad for each other, made a plan of escaping from home on 10-6-2012. As I reached to his address where Rohan asked me to come, I found no one there. I waited a lot but he didn’t come. In a lot of anxiety and depression, when I started moving away a car came from behind Rohan came out, he grabbed my hand and forced me to sit in car which was full of 4 other men. I was struggling to let out my hand and was shrieking loudly so that somebody could help but no one came. They tied my mouth and hands and moved. Sooner we heard a police car’s siren; the car came in front and stopped our car. All of those seated there, tried to run away but they were caught instantly. My cousin was there with police who had seen this, so instead of coming alone he came with police because Rohan and others also have had guns in hands. He rescued me from them and took me to hospital because I was faint and it took 6 months in hospital for psychological and other remedies for rehabilitation. After police investigation we came to know that he was actually Indian guy who was Hindu and they smuggled girls by doing such emotional harassments and emotional blackmailing through love or friendship and destroying their lives. Now after 5 years still, whenever I remember this incident, I repent a lot on myself and cries with pain.

Recently I sent a parcel to Pakistan weighing around 1.5kg. DHL charged me around 463 QR for the service and informed me that there is a possibility of extra charges at destination. (he was unable to tell me the figure) Secondly the parcel got delivered after five days on Wednesday.
To my surprise my family had to pay more than 5500 rupees (equal to 220 QR) to have the personal parcel /gift released.
The current one way ticket from Doha to ISB is 790 QR including all taxes.
It was probably wiser for me to take the 200 QR gift personally to Islamabad and get the bonus of enjoying few days with family.

Anonymous vs Dr Chris Owen
A guy named Dr Chris Owen (sounds respectable) is using a phone number from Pakistan to send plain text messages to phone numbers in Pakistan. He is not sending WhatsApp messages, even though he claims to be distributing gifts on behalf of WhatsApp. He is adding a UK number (+44) to create further confusion or credibility.

Anonymous vs mailer daemon at google mail
This is a phishing email from allegedly, trying to scare me on my hotmail account that my account will be expired. It says I have asked to deactivate my own account, which I did not.

Anonymous vs ufone Pak Telecom Mobile Limited
I have a ufone mobile number. I used it rarely because I do not live in Pakistan and have it only for the short visits I make a couple of times a year to Pakistan. Only my close friends and family know my ufone number. I do not even use it for WhatsApp. Still I get almost 5-10 spam text messages on daily basis while I am roaming out of Pakistan. The only possible reason is that ufone or some one from ufone is selling consumer phone numbers to advertising companies and benefiting from it.

Anonymous vs Shaheen Air International
We all know Shaheen Air is a budget airline but it does not mean that the airline is allowed to ignore its duty of care towards its customers. The airline allows website purchases which means passengers can buy tickets from anywhere in the world. It also allows web clients to provide international phone numbers and email addresses for providing information. But if a flight is delayed it does not send text messages to phone numbers which are not Pakistani.

Turns out it was not just one flight delayed, the whole schedule was to be changed for the whole summer season. This means the airline knew of this change well in advance (probably even months before), but the airline did not bother to inform its customers neither on the website, nor through email/ phone. Let the people suffer, why should the big guns bother.