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Anonymous vs GnB English Academy

GnB English has a number of franchises across South Korea. Each is privately owned and run. With the exception of a few schools in Seoul, they are notorious for their poor treatment of the teachers, both native and foreign. The GnB in Gwang-yong Dong, Cholla-namdo, was no exception.

I worked as an English teacher to full classes of often over-worked and tired school children. This was not the issue - I'm an experienced ESL teacher with many years' teaching under my belt, yet I had to take teaching instruction from a CEO who could barely understand or speak English. He was also a racist with loose business ethics - each month I had to beg for my salary. I fell ill with pneumonia in the second last month of work and spent three days in bed, for which I was severely 'penalised' - the CEO paid only half my salary and refused to pay my plane ticket back home. This is illegal in S.Korea, but it doesn't bother most private hagwon owners.

Anonymous vs Samsung
During the last year, my Samsung Smart TV Series 7 (7500) has stopped playing Netflix or Youtube etc. Even the websites with streaming videos dont work. I found out that the common denominator is the TV. It is not supporting the video based websites or apps anymore. When I approached sumasung, no answer was provided. There are many blogs on Samsung website, blaming internet connection or the owners of Netflix and Youtube. Surprisingly Netflix and youtube work on the newer models. A perfect example of a giant untouchable like Samsung trying to deflect responsibility on others. Obviously there is a problem with the core system Samsung is based on. Most companies try to develop a bug fix rather than blame everybody else for their buggy system.