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ALICE vs Shashane

I went to this website which offers online jobs , so while I was going through the job posts I saw this one post which caught my attention and so I made my bid and submitted a proposal. I guess it was the next hour that I received a reply from the employer, I was excited but when I read the reply, I felt cheated because what she said on the job post was different from what she replied to me. The title of the job post was “Need 5 Persons Who Enjoy Reading- Must Have Kindle App”. It was said in the description that the task was simple and that the 5 lucky applicants will be paid $10 each but then what she replied to me after I gave my proposal was different, she actually wanted me to buy her book for $0.99 and she will pay me $10 in return. I did not agree and reported that employer. I feel cheated because I did not submit a proposal to the employer to buy her book but to apply for a job that she has posted which was actually a scam.