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Anonymous vs Looks like FedEx

There are many reports of fraudulent emails with the subject lines “Shipping Conformation,” “Verify Info,” “Some important information is missing” and “Please fulfill the documents attached to verify your identity.” The fraudulent email may have an attached file that may contain a virus or other malware.

Anonymous vs Looks like Microsoft
An email coming from a French web domain name (.fr) assigned to National School Of Architecture De Grenoble in Grenoble, France says, if you send your name and number etc, you will get some money from Microsoft. Dont know if the owner of the email Hubert Guillaud knows about it, or is he involved in in this scam.

I am sending an email to the school webmaster to see whats going on....

Anonymous vs Richard McCarl
My aunt told me that she had an online relationship that went south. One day a gorgeous man by the name Richard McCarl added her on facebook. His profile said that he was divorced, and that he was in Iraq. He was a soldier. She said that they talked for days and days, and that it was wonderful. "He was such a romantic man" she said. He would write her poems, and tell her these incredible stories about how much he's falling for her. My aunt has no children and is also divorced. Turns out, that is the kind of woman these men target for their dirty little scam. He told her that he wants to settle down when he returns from Iraq, and that he wants a life with her. My aunt was beyond happy, but then he started asking for money. At first he started asking for small amounts of cash, but over time they got bigger. My aunt thought that he was a real person since his profile had all the pictures, he had tagged photos of him and his friends. Long story short, my aunt ended up sending him about 200$, and when she refused to pay a thousand dollars for (supposedly) a plane ticket, he deleted his profile.
In the end, we found out that all those other profiles (the profiles of his friends) were also fake. It's a whole scam ring that is made to lure women such as my aunt in. They look for desperate women, often from all around the world, who are willing to send money to their internet fling.

Anonymous vs Nikon
I purchased a "Refurbished" tilt-shift lens from Nikon USA that was described as being "Like New" after being gone through by them. I paid over $1500 for the lens and so I'm expecting a quality product. The lens arrived and one of the adjustment knobs wasn't working. I contacted Nikon immediately and told them of the situation. They told me I could send it in for repair. I asked how long that would take and was told it would be around 2 weeks or longer if they had to order parts from Japan. I wasn't happy with that answer. I bought the lens because it was advertised as being already repaired and in proper working order. So I said I would like to return it for either a replacement or a refund. They told me they didn't have an exchange and that they would issue a refund. I sent it back following all their instructions and with a proper return authorization number.

Now I've been waiting for my refund so that I can purchase a lens from another seller since Nikon said they don't have another in stock. They've had my returned lens for 2 weeks now and I still have not been refunded. They say it can take up to 2 billing cycles to receive my money back... WHAT??? They are keeping my money for up to 2 months?? Will I be paid interest on my money?? I ordered this lens for a project, I don't want to wait another 2 months. I have over $30,000 of Nikon gear I use in my business. This really doesn't sit well with me. For the first time ever I have a strong urge to sell all my Nikon gear and switch camera systems. This is not the service I expect from Nikon.