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Anonymous vs Star Alliance

Star Alliance boasts of some 28 airlines working in complete harmony, but if you fly with one airline and try to claim points with another airline frequent flyer program, it does not happen automatically, even if you provided all required details while booking. You have to keep emailing the related airlines again and again and again. If I fly with Egypt air and I provide Turkish Airlines loyalty number, then Egypt Air should ensure that my points are added to Turkish Airlines Number. But it does not happen this way....

Anonymous vs Egyptair
It's a week or so before Eid, the second biggest Muslim religious festival. Millions of people will be flying, booking tickets or revising plans to meet their loved ones. Most working people with no internet access would only have the weekend to buy tickets. An airline that closes it's main booking/ ticketing office in a foreign country on the weekend and cuts it's timing by two hours on the last weekday is not only stupid financially but also indifferent towards its customers needs. Flights are flying 24 hours but flight ground offices are closed for 12 - 18 hours to customers.

Anonymous vs Egyptair
The website as shown in the attached picture boasts of online check in and associated effortless experience. It never works. In my case my ticket included JED-SSH-CAI-TUN. When I tried to check in online, the web site gave me boarding pass for SSH-CIA only and refused to provide passes for other legs due to technical difficulties.