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Anonymous vs Paypal

I sold iTunes gift cards worth of 500 dollars on eBay and the buyer asked me to send iTunes codes through message as they required those codes. They kindly thanked me but seconds later, they disputed the charge on their Paypal account with the company. At this point, I was unaware of the proceedings and so, I shipped the physical gift cards to them in order to allow me forward the tracking number as proof of transaction.
When I realized I had been tricked, I complained to Paypal but nothing helped me to get back the money from the buyer since the company sided with the client.

I later complained to BBB hoping this would help me get back my money by making PayPal reimburse the money I lost. However,I was informed that since I happened to send the codes to buyer via a message on eBay, I was not eligible for seller protection. Paypal handles these issues so carelessly thus encouraging fraud, this is very much disappointing and discouraging for sellers, especially first time sellers on the site.

Anonymous vs Tj Turner
Barely a day goes by without seeing posts such as 'Like or share if you hate cancer' on my newsfeed on facebook. Some are even so manipulative to even use small children to manipulate people into sharing the posts or clicking like. what most people do not realize is that, these posts are made by Like-Farmers who only do so that they can get higher EdgeRanks for their pages, make more money due to the nature Facebook Algorithmn. Tj Turner has used this to his advantage for long.