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Im1sa vs GEEK

I intended to buy a gift for my nephew for which i done some web surfing and found this Geek.Wish website. Sorted out a beautiful sports watch and ordered. But the actual watch qualiy was quite low from the pictures shown on web.

Anonymous vs Facebook
This happened to my mom right in front of me about a month ago. She randomly got a message from someone she didn't know saying her request to connect on Messenger had been approved. She did not try to connect to this person. Within a minute, it said she had successfully sent them $200! We tried to cancel but it went through too quickly. This happened on the computer, so I took a pic with my phone. Within 3 minutes from when they were connected on Messenger, everything was gone. There was no message to this person anymore!

Since Facebook has linked up with PayPal, we disputed this payment with both and the claim was denied! We then took it up with the bank, who also denied it. They all three claimed it didn't seem like "unusual activity" since money has been sent through Messenger before. The money that was sent before was a donation of $50 while we were surrounded by crazy wildfires. Never has a large sum of money been sent to an individual. I'm planning on leaving this review on PayPal as well as the bank, in hopes I can be connected to someone who has gone through this and successfully disputed it.