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Anonymous vs Payoneer Inc

When you are signing up, Payoneer offers $25 bonus to be credited to your account as bonus once you receive 100 dollars to your account. This is just a marketing strategy that is never implemented.
I applied a card after i saw this advert but my bonus has not yet appeared after a month!
I have written over 15 times to the customer support and each time they escalate the issue promising the bonus will reflect the following day.

Anonymous vs Una Hughes
Phishing is a form of social engineering that attempts to steal sensitive information. An attacker's goal is to compromise systems to obtain usernames, passwords, and other account and/or financial data. They most frequently accomplish phishing attacks via email. The email includes a link that has a text showing a so called “official” website, or a reference number of an alleged communication or a placed/ rejected order. The link takes you to a fake site operated by the attacker.