LittleWhistle vs Aoson
Occurred: 2017-09-11; Posted: 2017-09-29

Charger just blew up after i put it on socket - dangerous!
This happened unexpectedly. After happily receiving my tablet, I'ts charger malfunctioned just as I put it on the socket. Thank God all the other electrical appliances were intact. You should be very careful with Chinese products these days.

Marketing Lies

Supplier refunded money for the sum of the charger which was a nice act from them. But it came with a delay which was not good.

ADVICE FROM LittleWhistle
Please ensure that you're well aware of these cheap items and possible defects they might have. Sometimes we just can't know untill try some of them out. Some of this appears to be a more of a luck game.

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LittleWhistle vs SteamRep
Hawaii  United States
Occurred: 2017-02-01; Posted: 2017-09-29

Team Forteress 2 item scam / PayPal
We agreed he would broker my unusuals but instead he traded them on and sold the keys via Paypal to Merendas. I've been friends with this user for a long time, he had expensive stuff, backpack trust and I fell for it.

After I gave my items for brokering he deleted me and set his profile to private, then I checked his backpack and he had traded the unusuals on
I then added Merendas who had the dude added in steam and told him to tell the scammer that I would report him and he admitted it.
First 3 screenshots are our chat logs, my trade history, my chat with Merendas and his chat with the scammer.‚Äč

Breach of Contract

Hello there. I am Alice, I DID run with his items, and I DO take full responsibility. It was a mistake that cant be undone, so I take full responsibility. No reason for me to hide, admins have banned me anyway so Steam rep is of no use to me.
Sorry Cookie once again, was a silly thing to do, good luck trading.
To be honest I would have, and am still tempted to pay you back for my humanities sake.

ADVICE FROM LittleWhistle
Please be careful when trading with such people as you might fell in a trap too!

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