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Occurred: 2017-04-21; Posted: 2017-05-22

Once a forger always a forger
Growing up in Recto (Manila) means being exposed to a lot of underground jobs. I have a best friend, I knew him since I was 10. Things became different after high school I proceeded to a state university but he was forced to work at an early age. We still see each other and this is how I know that even if your job is a forger, I know that you are still a decent person.

A forger is someone who creates legal documents and forges the signature of the authorizing personnel. The forger normally has templates to use and has already made arrangements in terms of the printout, paper, and seals in order to ensure that the document will appear original. I knew that this is illegal but I turned a blind eye and never let this interfere with my friendship with Baste. Baste moves from one store/shop to another. He wasn't the one getting the jobs, he was only the one getting it done.

So when I graduated, I visited him on one of the shops he was working for and I shared my success. I brought my diploma with me and he looked at me knowingly. He said that it wasn't authentic. That was a low blow for me and was quite insulting but he said that he'll check just to make sure. He brought my diploma in and was out in less than a minute. He then said that he takes it back and confirmed that the diploma was authentic.

I found out through the grapevine a few weeks later that the less than one minute that he was away was all it took for him to use the information for forgery templates. It was necessary that templates are updated because of the new signatories and the seals and him being given an original, allowed him a fresh copy.

They say men are supposed to be strong and willful and should not be emotional but knowing that we were friends and he chose to trick me was a final straw. i was hurt emotionally and I lost faith in him and in our friendship.

Hurt Emotionally


ADVICE FROM randy455
Be objective and see people as they are now. Be conscious and cautious because people change. Do not tempt or test people if you are not prepared to be hurt emotionally, to feel cheated or to be disappointed.

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