Sidrajavaid vs REDIFF
New Delhi  India
Occurred: 2017-03-20; Posted: 2017-05-25

Greatly underprivileged online shopping centre of India(Rediff)
A month ago I ordered an embroidered lehenga choli from an Indian online shopping centre named as Rediff. As I was from Pakistan so they informed through email. All correspondence was done by email because they had no option of landline or cell phone numbers. On my sister’s wedding I have had to wear that. Before two weeks of wedding, my order had to arrive. It arrived after three days; they were making lots of excuses for this delay. Well I didn’t bother about delay. When parcel arrived I paid and became so much happy for it arrived earlier then wedding day at last. As I wore it on the day it was totally unbelievable. A very poor quality fabric was used and its size was also not like it was described. The cost was 599/- Indian rupees and also they charged 200 RS as extra for home delivery after deducting actual home delivery fees too. This entire incident was exclusively unbelievable and full of shock for my all family. All of us tried a lot to contact them through emails, we sent unlimited emails to them but they didn’t respond. Whenever I remember this incident I come in great wrath. I found this site today; I wish I could have had find this site at that time so that I’d be able to share the images of those emails and the dress, both of which are even not available in trash. I finished every memory in rage.

Marketing Lies
Breach of Contract


ADVICE FROM Sidrajavaid
I would advise please never made online orders of dresses especially for events like weddings and particularly not from out of the state of country. And if you do this, before paying just go and check it on time and if you have paid, then check your order must within stated limit of refund or return policy of that company.

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Sidrajavaid vs Mobilink Jazz
Punjab  Pakistan
Occurred: 2017-01-07; Posted: 2017-05-24

Company's failure in providing accurate information
A month ago I was away from my home town. Me and my friends made a plan to visit northern areas. When we were in Swat I got call from my class's C.R to make urgent research proposal assigment. I had no money to buy an internet USB for that. A friend suggested to take internet package on Jazz sim. He searched mobilink jazz internet packages on a site. All of us were short of money at that time. So I took 1500 MBs weekly internet package on my sim card. It was more than enough to complete my assignment project. I had only 200/- rupees left in my pocket. The package's charges were mentioned RS. 71.70 on the site. I subscribed for that. But after subscribing I came to know that it was only 500 MBs for internet research and 200 MBs for whatsapp and facebook. It was so exhausting for me and I felt greatly cheated at that incident.

Lack of Due Diligence

MESSAGE FROM Mobilink Jazz
On subscribing, a notification came on my mobile which was:

Weekly internet offer subscribed. Use 500 MBs anytime and 200 hundred MBs for Facebook and Whatsapp from 1 am- 7 pm for 7 days.

ADVICE FROM Sidrajavaid
Only search from the actual network sites. And Mobilink Jazz network owners should also strictly prohibit and restrict other sites to steal their information. They must develop a thorough checking system.

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Sidrajavaid vs United Bank Limited Lahore
Punjab  Pakistan
Occurred: 0000-00-00; Posted: 2017-05-22

Bank's Huge Fraud
I had to go to China for my uncle's liver operation. For that purpose I consulted Sky Chain travel agents for visa ane ticket processing. According to  ticket my uncle's and my flight day was on 10 Dec 2014. Other family members could not go due to heavy dues for operation. My uncle's kids were so young, so I was only near to them who could handle all money withdrawing or transferring procedures from banks. Unluckily due to some serious circumstances and my uncle's day by day weakness, Dr. PAN who have had to perform his operation, asked us to come on 15 Nov and it was so soon. I was greatly busy a week before going bank uncle asked me to withdraw 5 Lac from his bank accound in UBL, Lahore. I withdrew money and with all preparations done, we moved to China on 14 Nov. Two weeks later, was my uncle's operation. The Dr. Pan charged 3 Lac extra for some specific reasons regarding operation. My uncle gave that brief case to me,when I opened and counted money it was not total 5 lac there were many notes which were fake and it was total 3 Lac 28 thousand. There was loss of 1 Lac 72 thousand rupees. My uncle was not in condition to take any stress or tension and also could not tell this to any family member in this situation. I managed to call that bank about this issue but they refused to accept this mistake. Then I understood it was serious douge given to us. I arranged money with great trouble, taking borrow from a friend. But unfortunately my unlce did not recover from operation he died and with this extreme loss I forgot everything. After coming back Pakistan and six months after my uncle's death. Now whenever I remember this bank's farud I became a lot of furious and wish for them to be destroyed.

Fraudulent Representation
Breach of Contract

MESSAGE FROM United Bank Limited Lahore
Dear Arif!

We performed our duty with sincere responsibility. We are not accountable for this issue. Please do not disturb our staff by such calls, and stop misbehaving.

UBL Bank

ADVICE FROM Sidrajavaid
First of all never withdraw such a huge amount from bank alone and in hurry. Next, count your all money in the presence of bank's staff or cashier.

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