Anonymous vs UPWORK
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Occurred: 2018-05-18; Posted: 2018-05-18

Selling Customer Data
I posted a job on Upwork, where I wanted people to bid for making an iOS app for me. I already have a similar android app called myMentos. Turns out Upwork people or some one in that company is selling my information to people outside of Upwork, and I am receiving emails with bids and solicitations.

Illegal Acts
Breach of Contract

Hey .........l,

I'd like to have one of my guys create a basic proposal for the ‘MYMENTOS: Create an iOS app similar to existing android app’ project that I think you posted online but before I do I'd like to have a call to discuss things & share a few ideas so that I am sure what we send you is as accurate as possible.
Give me a call when you get a minute via the contact info listed below, or if you would like to reply with a good time I will reach out to you Appreciate your time.!

Best Regards,
Vidya V
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There are some big companies out there that you've probably never heard of, that know more about you than you can imagine.

They're called data brokers, and they collect all sorts of information — names, addresses, income, where you go on the Internet and who you connect with online. That information is then sold to other companies. There are few regulations governing these brokers.

Be careful when you share personal info on the internet...

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