Anonymous vs Sony
 United Kingdom
Occurred: 2018-02-07; Posted: 2018-06-05

Sony now is the worst company on earth
4 months ago we bought a 55 inch Sony from [Best Buy] with one year warranty, after few days we started to notice two white spots, after once in while the white spots became longer until we have a half picture, we called Best Buy, people advised us to contact Sony, and we did so. A female voice responded, she asked us to do few things with the original remote control, nothing happened. Then she told us the TV is defective, they will replace it, just wait for an e-mail & follow the instructions. We received the e-mail and what they asked us to do... To take 3 photos, 1st photo the TV showing its four corners, 2nd photo the serial number on the back of the TV which was hold on the wall by a bracket, it was very difficult to take the number, 3rd photo of the receipt, attaching them to an e-mail and to wait 4 working days, we did but we didn't hear from them!

We kept sending emails and make phone calls... Until one day a rude mean person called, accusing us that we broke the screen, I asked him, "Please let me talk another person." He refused, then I asked, "Can I talk to a supervisor," he refused too and he hanged up, letting me confused what I did wrong? Sony used to be my favorite brand, now it is the worst company on earth.

Financial Losses
Lack of Due Diligence


we have reviewed your complaint and we apologize for this problem, we will this problem for you as soon as possible. please take a picture of the TV showing its four corners, and another one the serial number on the back of the TV and a photo of the receipt, please attach these 3 photos to an e-mail and wait 4 working days and we will contact you.

thanks for your patience!

going through this bad experience with Sony, I won't ever buy anything from it. and I advise you to do the same if you don't want to lose your money on bad products.

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