Anonymous vs Someone from China
Occurred: 2017-06-19; Posted: 2017-06-21

Someone tried to steal my instagram account
I travel a lot, and my instagram account is very important to me. It's how I meet people, create contacts and make memories. Long story short, my instagram account is very dear to me, and it's not just a social platform, it's a huge part of my life. I started noticing that some of my posts were missing, without me being able to remember that I deleted them. Another time, I saw that I was following zero people! At first, I thought that it was some kind of instagram bug, and I hoped that it would fix itself, and that I would have all the people that I followed back. (It was never fixed, someone must have manually unfollowed everyone that I was following.) Can't really explain why, but I had a feeling that I should change my password to something way more complicated. A couple of days ago, instagram notified me that someone from China tried to log into my account.

Hacked Systems

MESSAGE FROM Someone from China

Change your password and/or email/username when you notice that there is something weird happening to your account. Make sure that your account is secure.

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