Anonymous vs Someone from Bangladesh
 Serbia/Montenegro (Yugoslavia)
Occurred: 2017-06-18; Posted: 2017-06-21

Scamming via calls
A few days ago I got a call from a strange looking number. Caller ID said that the number was a Bangladesh number. I didn't answer of course. The phone kept ringing, and after I ignored the call, I got a couple of other calls. Different numbers, but they were all Bangladesh numbers. It started to feel like harassment, so I decided to block all the numbers. I was curious, though.. Maybe even a bit weirded out, but I didn't think much of it. Until today. I heard from some of my friends that they either received or heard of someone receiving these weird calls too. Apparently, sometimes, you even get a message that would beg you to answer. Turns out it's all part of some sort of scheme to scam people out of lots of money.

Spam Messaging
Financial Losses

MESSAGE FROM Someone from Bangladesh

Do not answer any calls that are from Bangladesh!

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