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Awesome pen-friend
There are several ways to block junk mails in your account, I will now go ahead and provide you options on how to block those,

A. Placing the sender on your block senders list.

1. Sign in to your Outlook account

2. Click the gear icon on the upper right hand corner of the page.

3. Click on More mail settings

4. Under Preventing junk email click on safe and blocked senders

5. Click on block senders

6. Type the email address on the left part of the page once done click add to list.

B. Placing a message rule on your account to sort new messages.

1. Sign in to your Outlook account.

2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click on the Gear Icon.

3. Click More mail settings.

4. Under Customizing Hotmail, click Rules for sorting new messages

5. Create a rule on where you can sort out those junk mails, For example type the most common word found on the subject line of those junk mails.

6. Click Add.

C. Setting your account into Exclusive

(only messages from your contacts and safe sender’s lists will be allowed to go to your Inbox)

1. Sign in your Outlook account.

2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click the Gear icon, and then click More options.

3. Under Preventing junk email, click Filters and reporting.

4. Under Filters and reporting, select the options Exclusive, and then click Save.

Fraudulent Representation
Spam Messaging
Marketing Lies

MESSAGE FROM Roger Stellard Kristinushok Girl Kristina
Hey hey my awesome pen-friend! This is Kristina. I am Russian and I am thirty-five years old. Just to give you some introduction about my life: I work as a medical assistant at private clinic. I apologize for the discomfort. I don't want to insist but I look for a serious relationship, beginning from Internet and passing to real life. If you have no similar intentions, you better not reply back. If instead you find me pretty and want me to send you my photo or more pictures, just let me know. Id kindly ask you to tell me more about your city and send your snapshot. Hope that this is your real name. Like I said, I only look for genuine relationships and hope to build something meaningful with you! Look forward to your reply, Kristinushok,

1 Don't give out you email unless you want contact from the recipient. Businesses will sell or trade your information.
2. Don't respond to junk mail. Try not to open it, never click on any links or download any attachments. They will set cookies, load trojans or validate your email address if you respond.
3. Move junk to the junk folder rather than just deleting the messages. Use empty to remove them for good. Outlook will learn as you mark things as junk and automatically move more stuff to the junk folder for you.
4. Mark the worst of the junk mail as phishing scams. It wont do any good but outlook will learn quicker that you don't want to see items like that.
5. Change your password. Perhaps someone else has access to your account, changing the password often will help increase security.
6. Delete your browser cache and clear the cookies often.
7. Switch to a different email service with much better spam filtering.

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