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Occurred: 2017-08-19; Posted: 2017-08-19

Prom Photos
So, I graduated in college august last year. Here in Brazil we usually do big parties when we graduated and there are a lot of companies that do just that: help students organize their parties. It's kind of expensive, like 4 - 10 thousands reais, it depends. One of the main parts of this contract is the photo coverage. The hired company is the only one allowed to take professional or semi professional photo and videos of the party and prom. So the problem is, I did ket my photo and didnt have big problems, but there is a lot of my friends who still couldn't buy the photo. They call, they go to the company, they sent emails, and the company just take a long time to go to their houses to sell the photos, i have friends even starting to think they lost the photos. It`s such a special moment for us and it`s really sad if we dont get this memories photos that we pay (a lot) to have.
In the print, my friend is telling that she payed the photos im march and they still haven't delivered the pics. (She received only this weekend)

Breach of Contract
Hurt Emotionally
Marketing Lies


If you`re from Brazil, or any country who have similar cultural thing, pay attention to which company you hire. Sometimes it actually looks like they are a big and trustworthy company, but please, try to talk to people who hired them before to see which problems they had.

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