Mila vs Pizzahut
Gauteng  South Africa
Occurred: 2017-02-18; Posted: 2017-05-14

Rude manager at Pizzahut
Pizzahut has always been a favorite for Saturday suppers. We went to Highveld Pizza Hut restaurant and put in a large order for the family for a sit-down meal. The pizzas arrived, some cold, and with less cheese than usual. In addition, I found a hair in my pizza. My husband called the waiter, who called the manager Paul. Paul was uncooperative and rude from the word go. He insisted that the pizzas were the right temperature, and that my children were being difficult. He also insinuated that I had put the hair in the pizza which shocked me and hurt my feelings. This meal was a big disappointment for us as a family, we loved going to the restaurant, but we will not do so again.

The next day I called the franchise headquarters to lodge a complaint. We were given vouchers for free meals at a Pizza Hut of our choice.

Lack of Due Diligence
Hurt Emotionally

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Pizza Hut may not be to blame, but if Paul is the manager at Highveld Pizza Hut, I cannot recommend them.

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