Anonymous vs Minestro della Giustrizia
Occurred: 2018-09-14; Posted: 2018-09-13

Unauthorized activity detected on your PayPal account
Obviously PayPal has nothing to do with Bolzano, capital city of the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy. But the phishing email seems to be originated from Someone in the city hall has been hacked and spammer is using the address to send spam emails.

Fraudulent Representation
Spam Messaging

MESSAGE FROM Minestro della Giustrizia
Unauthorized activity detected on your PayPal account!

After logging in to your account, we'll guide you through the steps to update your account and be more secure.

To protect your account, we often look for the first signs of potentially fraudulent activity.

Most phishing e-mails prompt recipients for action ASAP; that way, there isn't time to process what you're reading and doubt its veracity. But think about it: How many times have you sent an e-mail that was really urgent? Typically, urgent requests are made by phone or in person, not via e-mail. This is one of the biggest signs of a scam.

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