ALICE vs Maniac Driver
Occurred: 2017-07-15; Posted: 2017-07-31

Have you been in a situation in which you went to place with only a cab and a private owned vehicle are the only means of transportation? What about booking a taxi so that you wont be having a hard time getting a ride home? I m about to share something, a horrible experience from a maniac and harassing cab driver. I rode this cab from a mall to my house, I thought it was a fine ride. What angered me is that this driver charged me a huge amount and he also harassed me by saying malicious words.

Illegal Acts
Financial Losses

MESSAGE FROM Maniac Driver

It would be better if you bring your own vehicle going to far places because if you keep relying on public utility vehicles, your safety might be in danger. But if you don't have any private owned vehicles and would rather choose to ride a public utility vehicle just like a cab, investigate if the driver is reliable and make sure that you wont pay twice the amount of what you should pay. If you can see that your starting to be harassed, ask for help or call the cops.

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