Anonymous vs Magnus Pettersson
Occurred: 2020-02-01; Posted: 2020-02-10

Turkish University email hacked for sending 6.2 million dollar 50/50 business deals from Sweden
Kimya doesn't know that her email address from a Turkish University has been hacked by a Mr. Pettersson to send SPAM emails. And the subject of the email is "URGENT"

Spam Messaging
Illegal Acts
Fraudulent Representation

MESSAGE FROM Magnus Pettersson
I am Magnus Pettersson, I am a banker with Danske Bank here in Sweden. can you handle $6.2m business deal with me, Although this may be difficult for you to believe. I need you to assist me in executing this Business deal from Sweden to your country. our ratio will be 50/50 of the total amount, if interested do reply for more details.

Please grant me the benefit of the doubt and hear me out.


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