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Occurred: 2018-06-06; Posted: 2018-06-09

From Russia with Love
Email scams are probably the most prevalent method of Russian scammers. An email scam is simply a case where some volume operation (could be a man or a woman, and may be in Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, or New Jersey) contacts you by email, engages you in communication, and eventually attempts to bait you into sending money.

Spam Messaging
Fraudulent Representation

Good day friend, from Russia! I suspect ye got time in yours being when thou get very sad. Presently I have myself lonely. My colleague said me that I can write man communication and this disappear I made up one's mind to act. Now tell thou touching me My age is thirty six old. I am 173 centimeters tall. Weight is fifty four kg. I have a kid. Now she is 7 years old. I dream hook pure tenderness and knight of my life. I not have bad habits and do sports. I will tell right now name since too shy. When thou answer me next I will talk my name. If ye do not like to continue after simply say to me nil. Apparently this is my destiny. Waiting for your words, if if you're interested in me!

At some point u will get an urgent plea for money... "My grandmother has taken ill, expensive medicine, bla bla". OR, "I need money for internet bills to be able to keep talking to you." OR "I feel we should meet, can you send me the money to buy the air ticket." The moment the money is sent by you, you lose the love and the promise.

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