Anonymous vs Edward E. William
Occurred: 2017-01-10; Posted: 2017-01-12

Due to High-Risk Fraudulent Transaction Please Review This Transactions And Update Your Information
This is a phishing email from a hacker trying to get your personal info and invade your bank account or paypal account...

Spam Messaging
Illegal Acts
Marketing Lies

MESSAGE FROM Edward E. William
You Send $43,00 USD to Edward E. William

Note for Edward E. William

" Family Transfer "

Transaction ID : 96B63454HD504948U 02 January 2017

Transfer amount

$43,00 USD

You pay $43,00 USD

Edward receive $43,00 USD

If you did not make this payment you can request for refund in 24 hour by pressing the following button

Refund My Money <>

Please do not be scared when someone is trying to fool you with an email like this. They are playing with our vulnerabilities to hack our accounts....

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