Anonymous vs Cabify
Parana  Brazil
Occurred: 2017-05-26; Posted: 2017-08-19

Cabify - canceling trip
I went out with a friend and when she wanted to leave I asked a cabify car for her house and I stayed in the club. Right away, it seems ok, the driver accept the ride and was on his way. After 10 or 15 minutes my friend manage to get in the club again and find me, to tell me the car niver arrived, I check the cabify again and the guy didnt cancel but he wasn't on the way to where we were, he was definitely going somewhere else, so I cancel and asked another car that arrived and it was fine, but as I canceled after 5 minutes I had to pay. I get that you have to pay after some minutes but its not my fault if the driver was going idk where and my friend had to wait for 15 minutes with no idea if he was actually planning to pick her up.

Financial Losses

I didnt receive any message from them

I won`t tell anybody to stop using it, but when you use those apps, try to be aware of what and where the driver is going in those 5 first minutes, dont do as I did, I just stop checking my phone and assume the car arrived.

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