Anonymous vs Asselchika Asselchik
Occurred: 2018-06-05; Posted: 2018-06-05

Pen Friends in the 2st century
I am receiving emails from girls asking me to be their soulmate, because they are searching for true love and they are tired of loneliness. The desperate tone of this letter would want some to reply.

Fraudulent Representation
Spam Messaging

MESSAGE FROM Asselchika Asselchik
Woha my awesome mate, Searching for a true love. Would be glad to meet a good man. Looking for a true love. Would you please see my letter. I am looking for a honest man, who will make me happy. I'm thirty-five y.o. How old are you? Even you're younger than me, you can respond to this letter. I'm not looking for an entertainment. I'm not a young girl, I want a serious relationship. I 'd like to be with someone to go to a cinema with, enjoy forest, do things together, or even create a family. I have never done the first move, however I'm tired of loneliness. I'm hoping you're the man who will bring me happiness. My name is Assel. I am from a country called Kazakhstan, Where do you live? I hope you're interested and that you will notice my email. I'm sending you a photo of me. I would like to have your picture too. Looking forward to talking more with you. Asselunushka

The name on the email, the name on the salutations, the alias on the email address, they are all unrelated. The sender can not maintain consistency even in the spam and fraud.

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