Anonymous vs AirMiles
Ontario  Canada
Occurred: 2016-07-01; Posted: 2016-07-29

Airmiles has started a shady game, where customers' miles will start to expire soon, which was not the case before. Now customers are forced to spend their miles as they might expire suddenly (with effect from a back date/ date of purchase in the past) and the rewards on sale are really over-priced so that customers have no choice but to lose their miles. Also sometimes the low price rewards are hdden from the customers with lesser miles, so that they lose their miles with no choice available.

Just like all other big guns, deep pockets, and untouchables in this world, Airmiles is acting as if Airmiles has done a favor to the customers by giving them airmiles. Airmiles should think otherwise. Customers have done a favor to the Airmiles and certain brands/ manufacturers/ vendors/ companies by choosing them over others while making purchases. Customer could have used other loyalty based offers like cash backs and store rewards etc.

Blackmailing Tactics
Fraudulent Representation
Marketing Lies

Airmiles says it offers a personalized experience where members' online access to products is streamlined according to their tastes. How do you know my taste. Who allowed you to ascertain my taste.

You are doomed, might as well throw that shady card in the garbage

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