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Ottawa  Canada
Occurred: 2017-06-01; Posted: 2017-06-02

Facebook Identity Theft
While surfing on Facebook, a friend of yours messages you and after exchanging pleasantries, about health, family, work, etc, they bring up a topic about new and easy ways of making money. The offers seem real and tempting where you learn that you might get even up to $50,000.00, in the first attempt. You are eager to learn and you keep chatting with them until they are able to persuade you to click a link that will scam you out of your earnings!
Surprising, you might know that the person you have been chatting with is not your friend but a scammer who has copied your friend's Facebook page to look real. They have also been able to copy the list of friends to try and get money out of all of you.

Blackmailing Tactics
Illegal Acts


Always protect your Facebook account details, list of friends and who can view your news posts. This does not prevent you from enjoying the features on Facebook in any way. However, it makes it possible for you to feel more secure and for your friends to avoid worrying that when you talk to them, it might be a scammer, with an account like your, trying to cheat them of their money. When you suspect that your friends account has been impersonated, letting them know and reporting the matter to Facebook administrators will save a lot.

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Anonymous vs
Ottawa  Canada
Occurred: 2015-11-10; Posted: 2016-05-20

Credit Card Frauds
I am hosting a website with for the last 10 years. Lats year my credit card expired and the renewal of my domain with became a nightmare to the point that I had to register a new domain name with godaddy. uses a one dollar transaction to check if the user is for real. Banks dont like such stupid transactions and block credit cards. And so my credit card was blocked, because kept attempting the one dollar verification. Instead of streamlining their processes, kept asking me to contact my bank to accept the strange procedure. Not only my credit card got blocked, illegal transactions happened worth 3000 dollars just in those two days I was trying to pay to It seems has people in their offices selling credit card numbers to culprits.

Identity Theft
Illegal Acts
Marketing Lies


Thank you for contacting We are pleased to assist you with your inquiry.

I removed the hold on the account as a one time courtesy. If the credit card you are trying to place on file is a debit or prepaid credit card then the system will not accept it. It only accepts regular issued bank credit cards.

If the card is a regular issued credit card, then the bank my be blocking a pre-authorization which we do for $1 to validate the credit card. This $1 will return back to your credit card account and it is not a charge.

If this is the case, contact your bank and alert them of what you are trying to achieve in order to approve the pre-authorization to place the card on file.

Should you have any additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,


ADVICE FROM Anonymous is full of spam and fraud, avoid it

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