Anonymous vs Saudia or Saudi Arabian Airlines
Madina  Saudi Arabia
Occurred: 2017-08-04; Posted: 2017-08-15

Dont Ask Others to Do Something You Wont Do
I was sitting behind 8-10 members of Saudi Arabian Airlines flight crew which were probably returning from their duty or training or whatever. They have the seats with the best leg room. They are extremely loud. And right during the safety presentation before take-off, when the TV screens are asking to turn off all electronic devices, these guys are totally ignoring the safety requirements and keeping up with their ignorant behavior.

Lack of Due Diligence
Hurt Emotionally

MESSAGE FROM Saudia or Saudi Arabian Airlines
I could not even dare to ask these crew members to abide by thew rules. They could have thrown me out of the flight.

I like, even if I know this post might not reach Saudi Airlines, and nothing will happen to fix my concerns, it helps me to offload and move on with my life.

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