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Edo  Nigeria
Occurred: 2017-03-29; Posted: 2017-05-14

Controlling Amount to Access For Your Business Operations
For ages I have been using Paypal for online transactions but it is disappointing how they decide on how much I need to run my business. Recently, I went through a long process of uplifting the limit to my money that I have on the account but they declined and instead, they decided to hold it for 21 days! I called the company in order to speak to to the customer care service provider but to my surprise, I was informed that the audit department does not have a customer service unit.

Breach of Contract
Hurt Emotionally

Thanks for requesting an increase on the release amount. However: Your history of selling with us is too short at the moment and, in our experience, new sellers tend to have more sales problems. As a result, we’re unable to make a change to your release amount. If you have signed up for PayPal Here for accepting in-person payments, any card-swiped transactions will be available immediately regardless of the release amount. Increasing the funds available to your account: Here are some suggestions to promote consistent, positive experiences with customers. In general, following them will help you have a higher monthly release amount: Avoid long refund times. Ship promptly and provide valid tracking through PayPal. Work closely with buyers to avoid charge-backs and claims. Thanks for choosing PayPal.

Paypal is funding their own business activities by holding their client's money. It is best to stick with actual credit card processing companies.

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