Anonymous vs Arab Open University
Dammam  Saudi Arabia
Occurred: 2018-02-08; Posted: 2018-02-09

A university with no regard for students
An open university that is running in almost 8 different countries has no easy method of verifying transcripts of international students and makes the students waste time on getting attestations from multiple Ministries, Embassies and Notaries. On top of that the University Venue in Dammam shifted recently to an unknown place with no intimation on their website. The old venue merely mentions of the move on a badly handwritten piece of paper stuck to the main door. "We have moved to Airport Road". Its written in one single language whereas the university provides courses in multiple languages to students who speak different languages. Meanwhile airport road is almost 40 km long and finding the university on the airport road will definitely be a nightmare.


MESSAGE FROM Arab Open University
We have moved to the airport road

Be careful with such a university that does not have any regard for the comfort of its students

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