Anonymous vs one ring scammer
Occurred: 2017-05-29; Posted: 2017-05-29

Single Ring and hang up scam
These are the area codes being used to make single rings by conmen. 268, 284, 473, 664, 649, 767, 809, 829 and 876. You will be curious and call back to see who called. Calls made to such numbers by unsuspecting victims like you and me can cost us more than $20 for just the first minute. I have been receiving calls from +14735079791, +14735079799, +2473033396, +53588773484, +2471777847 etc etc. The communications ministries of these countries should control scams originating from their networks...

Financial Losses
Illegal Acts

MESSAGE FROM one ring scammer
The call you make will most probably redirected to an international adult entertainment service, 'chat' line, or other premium service located outside the country.

Experts suggest that if you miss a call, and don't recognize the number, do not call the number back. But the dilemma is how to ensure that the unknown number is not from a friend or a relative in distress using someone else's phone. Its easier to ignore if you know that no one you know lives in Bermuda or Grenada. The conmen are targeting people who are making and receiving international calls on daily basis as a part of their regular business.

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