shoron vs Grameenphone
Dhaka  Bangladesh
Occurred: 2018-02-07; Posted: 2018-05-22

If you don't care otherwise you will fall into danger
A few month ago my maternal uncle fell into a deception. He used the GP (Grameen phone). And he was a businessman. That way, He connected many people for his business. One day he received a phone call and He offered the big amount of money price from GP (Grameen phone) customer care.

He has heard the offer and he excited and he did the step of their role. They told him that he will withdraw his money if he pays some money. This way my uncle gave them some money. After paying money the customer care off their contract.

Then my uncle contracted the GP customer care and he confirmed that there was a Fraud with him. Original GP (Grameen phone) customer care there is no offer from them.

Spam Messaging

MESSAGE FROM Grameenphone

If anyone offers you some things when you must be thinking about that. Why or how you get others opportunities. Sometime over excitement make danger for us.

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Anonymous vs Dutch Bangla Bank
Rajshahi  Bangladesh
Occurred: 2017-11-23; Posted: 2018-05-20

My aunt was facing a problem with cheating. It was about one year ago. My aunt was a DBBL (Duch Bangla Bank LTD) User. She usually took off her money from the DBBL (Duch Bangla Bank LTD) account. She has her own account like others. One day she was sleeping at noon. Suddenly, her mobile phone was ringing and she saw that an unknown number was calling her. Normally she received the call.

After giving salam, a person told that "Have you a DBBL (Duch Bangla Bank LTD) account of your own?" She says "yes. I have" The person then told that "your account is not safe. It is blocked. If you have any money oo your account then urgently take off your money from it. Otherwise, If you want I can help you. What you say about it?"

That moment, she was being scared and without thinking any thinking she says "yes". Then he (the unknown person) gave some instruction and she undoubtedly follows them all. After the call ends then she checked her DBBL (Duch Bangla Bank LTD) account and she notices that it was empty. There is no money.

When she contacts the DBBL Customer care they said they can't help anymore. It was hacked and they also said that this is totally my aunt's fault.

Financial Losses
Hacked Systems
Identity Theft

MESSAGE FROM Dutch Bangla Bank

Thus it's for her unawareness, she lost her money and face that problem. So, everybody has to be aware and also make the unaware people aware so that they can't face such type a problem for their unawareness.

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Anonymous vs Hotel Civicinn
Dhaka  Bangladesh
Occurred: 2017-04-05; Posted: 2018-05-22

Love is blind but realyty is so hard
During three years ago, A storm makes my life end. I was a student. In that meantime, I was fall in love with someone. I loved him so much.

Suddenly, my family wants to give me married. They have already chosen a boy for me. Whenever I told all of this to my lover, he told me to flee away. That time I was completely blind to his love. I didn't decide anything right or wrong. I fled away with him. I bought some money and jewelry from my home. He took me to a hotel to spend the night. There we spend the night with each other without having any hesitation. But the problem happened in the morning.

When I woke up I see he is not in there. I tried to find him but I failed. Then I inform the hotel manager, he said that the payment also payable. My boyfriend also stole my money and jewelry. That time I was totally empty. At last, I call my family but they have already refused me. I was helpless. Then the manager offers me to do a prostitutes work. There was on way. That moment has made me a prostitute. I have forced to choose this profession for a living.

After 5 years I see my boyfriend again in that hotel with another girl. Then I follow him and see that he and the hotel manager are friends. Their main business is making prostitute by using the snare of love.

Hurt Emotionally
Hurt Physically

MESSAGE FROM Hotel Civicinn

Love isn't a curse. But it is blind. Before engaging any relationship you must be confirmed your safety. Love people's, not the only body but also mind. Don't take any decision emotionally. Because the reality is so hard.

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