Anonymous VS Dana
Occurred: 2020-01-30; Posted: 2020-02-10

Waiting for a man by emailing a nude pic
This is an email with a nude picture by a so called lady named Dana asking to become friends but also posting a sneaky link to a dysfunctional website

Spam Messaging
Fraudulent Representation

Hi my name is Dana, I’m 34 years old. Acquainted with a man for generalization and not only
I’m not telling much about myself. I am a lucky person in life, and now I want to find luck in love.
I am confident, artistic and love to be in the spotlight. Friends say that I am the soul of the company.
I am always positive and try t surround myself with the same people. I laugh and smile at
any opportunity. Nevertheless, I know when and where to be serious, and I respect this quality.
in others. I have a lot of interests and to list them all, it will take
too much space. Therefore, I will mention only a few of them: photography and travel
(I would really like to visit Paris and take some great photos),
outdoor activities (boating on the lake can be such a pleasure!),
training (football makes me very, very happy) and shopping (I'm a woman, first of all).
I am faithful and caring. I believe that we must contribute to
society and helping others. This is how I describe myself. At the same time, mine
relatives and friends would describe me as brave, energetic, sociable and very,
very nice. Not quite sure about courage, but they are friends and
close, so they know better, right?
At first I can be shy, but as soon as you know me better,
You will see that I am a good person with a calm character. I am a passionate book lover.
I love movies - no matter what genre. I'm a bit of a bummer spending
a lot of time on the couch in front of the TV, I like to stay at home, read books,
watch a movie or spend your time sitting at the computer ... If it sounds to you,
that we have a lot in common, write me a couple of lines and maybe we
see you one day.
I would like to think that I am resourceful, clearly expressing my thoughts,
intelligent person, but by and large it is up to you. I can speak
on a variety of topics and enjoy a smart and interesting conversation. Optimism and
free spirit are my inherent traits. I'm also a little crazy about healthy
lifestyle. When I think of my partner, I think of a man who
can maintain a conversation, regardless of whether the conversation is stupid or serious.
delicate and unusual.
I am waiting for a man to who I will be interesting and to whom a serious relationship is important.


The last word in the text of the email "important" is hyperlinked to a dysfunctional website So either it is someone trying to generate traffic for their website OR just spamming to ask for money later by using porn to attract people.

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