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Occurred: 2020-01-08; Posted: 2020-01-09

Is still for sale? р
Spammers are now getting more smart, more personalized, more techy. Anyone can find the name of the owner of a website from many sources available on the web or data brokers. Now they have started to offer a handsome price for buying my website. But to buy I have to register and talk to a chic "Elizabeth Lee" who is from Norway and does not speak english, and pay her some fees.

Marketing Lies
Spam Messaging

RESPONSE FROM Robert Warden CEO of Yobitex
My name is Robert Warden. I'm CEO of Yobitex. Our partners from Norway are interested in purchasing your domain. They are going to use it to drive traffic to their new startup.
They don't speak English and asked our company to act as a broker for 6% commission. It is divided between you and the buyer (50%/50%). Don't worry: you pay it after you get the money.
The buyer offers $32000 USD in EOS / Litecoin (crypto currency) or $31000 in USD via Paypal/bank wire.

Do you also own .net and .org version? Our partners may buy all three.

Please join our Domain Sale Chat in Telegram messenger: Join this group in Telegram messenger and send a private message to our professional domain broker Elizabeth Lee (Elizabeth1978 is her nick name). You may also talk to other domain sellers in this group who used her services in the past. She will help you to finish the sale. If you don't have Telegram just email me and I will help you to finish the sale.

The buyers borrow part of funds in the bank for their project and it requires the TM/law restriction certificate for Norway.

It must be issued during the last 30 days and contains a copy in Norwegian.

Please don't worry. If you don't have it you can order it online. It will be sent to you within 5-6 hours after you pay for it.

You can read about certification agencies at (“Domain Broker” is my nickname).
If you are ready to proceed I may send you instructions how to order it online.
Our professional domain broker Elizabeth Lee works with many domain investors from Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Singapore, Egypt etc. If you have other domains we may help you to sell them to our investors.
Best Regards,

Robert Warden



Yobitex Ltd.

On 08.01.2020 18:20, I wrote:

May I know why

Please send me your phone number. I can call and we can talk.


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Subject: Is still for sale? р


I am reaching you out regarding We want to acquire it.

I contacted you befire but you did not respond. Do you have another email account?

What is your preferred payment method and currency?

Best Regards,

Robert Warden



Yobitex Ltd.


Selling a domain is a good exit strategy but you dont have to pay to sell. Ask the question and ask for a phone number. Feel the language and the indifference and the awkward justifications.

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