Anonymous VS Adidas
Occurred: 2018-03-13; Posted: 2018-06-08

Extremely disappointed with my experience at Adidas
I woke up at 3 am to order a pair of limited Ultraboost LTD shoes. I happen to snag a pair, and upon receiving the shoes, I noticed that the cage was cracked where the laces were. So I call Adidas and get the most unprofessional support. First off, Adidas must be just hiring anyone for their customer service because the representatives you talk to do not sound professional. Even the supervisor I requested to talk to didn't give a care in the world about my issue. All he could offer me was to return the shoes and gave me a 15% discount code.

Now mind you, they have a FULL stock release in EU and AU, yet they can't even ship me out a replacement after not making sure QA did their job before my shoes came to me. By far the worst customer service from Adidas. They showed that they didn't even want to perform well and beyond to even help me out a little bit. Super disappointed but can't do much now. Just my experience with their customer service and relations department.

Financial Losses
Lack of Due Diligence

We are very sorry that you are dissatisfied with our product, we will do our best to fix this issue. we have a great offer for you, you can return the shoes and take a 15% discount code.

Thank you for contacting us!


due to this horrible experience with Adidas, I advise you not to buy their product, don't waste your money on bad products.

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fcadmin  |  2018-06-08
We often forget to ask these big guns if they will provide after sales support. How would one contact them. What happens if the product fails to perform as anticipated. Your posts does raise awareness and educates us that before buying a product we should scrutinize these multi-nationals about their after sales services.