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Occurred: 2018-05-20; Posted: 2018-05-27

Samsung refrigerators are expensive junk
Unfortunately, I fell in love with its center drawer and purchased a 4-door Samsung Refrigerator Freezer 3 and a half years ago, for $3200.00, without doing proper research. The model is RF24FSEDBSR and was manufactured in Sept of 2014. I still love the center drawer, but it is not enough to make up for the rest of the appliance. This is a prime example of a company that thinks highly of itself but doesn't care that it sells absolute junk. The number of problems and repairs for the ice maker, add up to this being the worst purchase I have ever made and that is saying something. I have put up with months and months of temporary fixes, thawing with hairdryers, mopping up pooling water on the floor of the refrigerator section and just doing without ice.

Recently, I have had 3 service calls for the ice maker. The ice maker freezes solid and won't dispense ice. Then, I need to move all my refrigerated food to a cooler and my frozen food to the outside freezer; turn off the entire unit for 2 days, with both doors propped open; and put an air circulator/warmer inside, just so the repairman can pry the completely frozen icemaker out without cracking the wall of the refrigerator. On the last service call, he replaced the entire ice maker for about $550.00. My total out of pocket for repairs and service is about $850.00. I fully expect that amount to grow. Now, it sort of works, but makes very little ice, (which will not be enough with summer coming).

I cannot get cubed ice, just crushed ice; there is water dripping down the front of the refrigerator and it is a constant source of aggravation. Samsung wasn't sympathetic or helpful when I talked with them, and they suggested that I should have purchased their 5-year Samsung Service Agreement for $1750.00 when I had a chance. Really? They were supposed to call me back (within 24 hours) 10 months ago, and I'm still waiting. Complete waste of time, money, effort, energy and resources. "Do not ever buy a Samsung refrigerator because they are expensive junk", was the advice of my repair person, who has owned an appliance repair business for many years. I could have saved myself lots of frustration, and money, if I had done my research.

Breach of Contract
Lack of Due Diligence

we are so sorry for what happened to your refrigerator, however, you should have purchased our 5-year Samsung Service Agreement for $1750.00 when you had a chance. we will make sure to call you back within 24 hours.


Do not ever buy a Samsung refrigerator because they are expensive junk, and that was the same advice my repair person gave me, who has owned an appliance repair business for many years.

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