Anonymous VS Ramona Chuckaree
Occurred: 2017-07-13; Posted: 2017-07-13

Another example of advance fee fraud/ scam from our beloved country Nigeria and on behalf of our beloved organisation UN.

Spam Messaging
Fraudulent Representation
Illegal Acts

RESPONSE FROM Ramona Chuckaree
UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION COMMISSION (UNCC) International Funds Office United Nations 1775K St New 400 Washington D.C 20006-1500, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Dear E-mail Owner,
(Fund Beneficiary)

I am Mrs. Ramona Chuckaree, Secretary to Executive Director of the United Nations Compensation Commission 2016/2017. We have actually been authorized by the newly appointed United Nations Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres, In conjunction with the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund Unit (IMF) to investigate base on the petitions received from beneficiaries like you. This Compensation program was organized to compensate all the victims that fall on Internet syndicate scam of contracts, Lottery, inheritance, loans and on a social media platform. And these Includes people that have not yet received their payment or people that had an unfinished International business transaction that failed due to Government problems etc. Base on meeting with board executive agreement to compensate each person with the total of (USD $750,000.00). Your active e-mail and name was in the list submitted by our monitoring team observers and this is why we are contacting you .

To that effect: all modalities has been put in place for you to receive this payment in the form of International Certified Bank Draft and this will enable only you to have direct control over your funds by depositing the Draft into your personal account. We will monitor this payment ourselves to avoid the hopeless situation created by the officials of the Bank.

Note: An irrevocable payment guarantee has been issued by the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on your payment. However, we are happy to inform you that based on our recommendation/Instructions your complete funds have been credited in your favor through Bank Draft. We have try many time to contact you but your email bounce back. You are therefore advice to send your correct and valid details to: Mr. Martins Jonathan, E-mail:; Tel: +234-8166635108

Contact him now with your correct and valid details such as (1).Your Full Name:...(2).Your Complete Address:...(3).Your Age and Occupation:...(4).Your Telephone Number:...for the delivery of your Bank Draft. As soon as you establish a contact with him, an International Certified Bank Draft will be arranged for your pick up immediately. Also be informed that the amount to be paid to you is $750,000.00 USD. We expect your urgent response to this message to enable us monitor this payment effectively, thereby making contact with Mr. Martins Jonathan, as directed to avoid further delay.

We hope you find this improvement useful.

Kind Regards,
Mrs. Ramona Chuckaree
Head Department of Economic and Social Affairs United Nations Online Coordinator.

CC: World Bank Group
CC: International Monetary Fund (IMF)



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